Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Black Friday starts earlier this year

By SJ Otto
Each year I writeabout Black Friday, that fabricated holiday that corporate and capitalist leaders came up with to promote an orgy of gift selling and buying. I’ve never really liked this holiday, especially since I am a socialist and this phenomenon is the antithesis of my beliefs, but I have to admit that it is almost amusing, the sheer silliness of it. Most people who take part in this orgy of consumerism wait until the day after Thanksgiving and they get up at ridiculously early hours to buy things no one really needs really cheap at the stores who promote this holiday.
This is a prelude to the Christmas season, two months, or more, of shopping for gifts for family members and friends. People spend a ridiculous amount of money on people who will probably never appreciate all the money, time and effort it took to buy all these gifts for this gift-giving season, based on a holiday about a poor god-man who was supposedly born on this day to promote a religion that seems to have little to do with the actual Christmas holiday.
It almost seems that venders can hardly wait for the Christmas season to begin. Christmas decorations go up in the stores the day after Halloween. Corporations can hardly wait to begin hawking their wares. This year many stores couldn’t wait for the traditional Black Friday sail to begin, so they have started early.[1] Many Black Friday sales have started already.
Every year I make fun of Black Friday and post satirical songs and pictures. This year I’m starting Early to keep up with the stores. I will have another posting for the actual real day of Black Friday, which should be November 23.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Another view of celebrating Veteran’s Day

The Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas presents their own version of celebrating Veteran’s Day. -SJ Otto

Veteran's Day—celebrating arrogance—Which I continue to oppose, year after year

By SJ Otto
Every year I run an article to commemorate various holidays—some traditional, as Halloween or Christmas. Not being a Christian I don’t celebrate Christmas, but instead I celebrate the Winter Solstice. There are some holidays, Thanksgiving comes to mind, where the tradition involves controversial events or beliefs.
Tomorrow is Veterans Day and it is probably my least favorite holiday in the US. All across the nation, and on my TV, people will honor the brave men and women who fight wars to keep America the dominant world power. It is a system of imperialism. It is built on arrogance, violence and war. Not long ago I heard singer Patti Smith say something to the effect, that it is ridiculous that we still have the institution of war in the 21 century. And for the US, this is the most pro-war period in history since World War II. To our leaders, both Democrat and Republican, the entire world is our back yard and they are free to do with it as they want. Gone are the illusion that the world is made up of free people who have the right to decide their own sovereignty and destiny. For this article I’m focusing on one imperialist problem—Afghanistan.
Consider this comment from Luke Coffey, of The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank:

“After the 9/11 attacks, there were two main goals in Afghanistan: First, to deny Al Qaeda a safe haven from which to plan, train, and launch terrorist attacks on a global scale, and second, to remove the Taliban regime from power as punishment for not cooperating with the international community and for harboring terrorism.
Both were accomplished with relative speed.”

This is the longest war the US has fought in modern history. The US accomplished these goals, he lays out, almost immediately after the war in Afghanistan started. The goal now seems to be to completely destroy the Taliban. Al Qaeda left years ago. Now Afghanistan has a US built government which as not been acceptable to all or even most Afghanis. The Taliban is a part of Afghanistan’s political landscape. The US is still trying to punish them for something they did years ago. According to a commentary in The Washington Post, Daniel R. DePetris, a writer and fellow at Defense Priorities:

“To believe the Taliban wouldn’t think twice before again hosting transnational terrorists is far-fetched: The group lost its control of Afghanistan because of it. Indeed, in the years since, Taliban officials have openly regretted their past association with al-Qaeda.”

Unfortunately no one is listening to DePetris or anyone like him. From IOL:

“The Trump administration has no intention of leaving Afghanistan, despite all of President Donald Trump’s campaign bluster about withdrawing US troops and putting America first. According to Trump, he has now “studied Afghanistan in great detail, and changed his mind."
What lies behind this about-turn is the view of the security establishment that in order to maintain US global dominance, having a plethora of US bases in Afghanistan is imperative.”

Today we will hear quotes by those who have put military service on a religious level as something sacred:

“On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free. -Dan Lipinski”

And the bottom line is that line that we will hear over and over again, “we can live free.” But that last line is a lie. We don’t depend on controlling Afghanistan for our freedom. Our freedom has nothing to do with that. This is all about the national arrogance of a nation that feels a need to control everyone else’s government. It is all about what works well for this country and the lives of those who live in such countries is barely an after thought.
What bothers me most about his is that there is so little debate or discussion on these national issues. I belong to the Peace and Social Justice Center, of South Central Kansas. There are peace groups such as this all across the country. But anyone wanting to find out about them through the mainstream news media will be disappointed. I do all I can to work with that group to promote peace issues. But it seems like I’ve accomplishes little. Most groups, as the one I belong to, are religious. Even though I am an agnostic and a Marxist, I find a lot of common ground working with these people.
So year after year I write these articles and take part in activities with the Peace and Social Justice Center. As of today I don’t see any positive changes coming our way. But I keep opposing imperialism and the unnecessary wars that naturally come with it. Today is no different than last year’s Veteran’s Day.


Patti Smith - Without Chains

Thursday, November 08, 2018

East High students take on the NRA and gun violence

By SJ Otto

It was Tuesday mid-morning, this week, that I saw two women protesting gun violence outside my window at Wichita East High, were I work as a substitute teacher. The girl on the left has a sign that says “Stop the NRA” the other girl had two signs, the first said “No more deaths” with a picture of a gun with a red circle around it and a slash through it. This protest seems to be a follow up to walk outs that were held last March 14 of this year. These students were taking considerable risks since school officials have threatened punishment to students who take part in such walk outs.
I am glad to see such commitment from high school students. We need committed young people who will take on the establishment and not cower down. They may also be young people who are not afraid to take on the Republican Party. The future here in Kansas may be very bright for some young people.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Election catastrophe avoided—2018

By SJ Otto
So we avoided a major catastrophe by voting out Kris Kobach. We don’t have to worry about him trashing our schools as Governor Sam Brownback did. We can count on 4 to 8 years of normality. Our lackluster slacker Republican Ron Estes won the fourth district so he will continue to be a yes man for our Idiot and Chief Donald Trump. He will also continue to support doing nothing on behalf of our health care. He is now the laziest politician in Kansas.
Kansas elected Sharice Davids is the only Democrat to win a US House of Representative seats from Kansas. She can help us put the brakes on Trump.
The one bright spot here in Sedgwick County was the win by Lacy Cruz, over far-far-far right-wing bigot Randy Ranzau. Cruz is one of our local progressives so it will be interesting to see what she does.
For the rest of the election, we can be thankful that our idiot President Trump will not have a blank check to do as he wants—which is to wreck this country and punishing poor people. His far-far-far-far right agenda will be under check from the US House. This country is now badly divided by people who want the Trump agenda to go forward, smashing worker’s rights and the environment all the way. Now we have some people who can stop the march of America’s dullards.

Monday, November 05, 2018

So here in Kansas—more and more reasons to vote!

By SJ Otto
We have one of the most ridiculous leaders since Sam Brownback wanting to run Kansas or as I should say ruining Kansas to the ground. As a substitute teacher who survived the last 8 years of Brownback, I can attest that those years were miserable. It is crazy to want to return to those years and yet that is what Kris Kobach wants to do. It is almost a suicide plan. But Kobach is serious about it and so is Trump and many Kansas Republicans. For those of us who want some kind of normality, we need to get out and vote for Laura Kelly. She plans to run the state in a somewhat normal manor.
There are several US House races this year. In District 1 Democrat Alan LaPolice is challenging Republican Roger Marshall. In District 2, Democrat Paul Davis is challenging Republican Steve Watkins. In District 3, Democrat Sharice Davids is challenging Republican Kevin Yoder. As stated in the above article there are good reasons to get out and vote for the Democrats in these races. Also the polls look good for the Democrats.
Here in District 4 I have been following the race between slacker Republican Ron Estes and Democrat James Thompson, who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders.  
So let’s not let the state down. Let’s get out and vote Democrat. Unlike a lot of commentators, I am not in the spirit of “everyone vote, no matter who they vote for.” We need to vote for Democrats and save our nation for the “wrecking crew.” If you are a Republican I have no problem with you staying at home tomorrow. It matters who you vote for.

Voting?—we can’t afford to sit this one out—we have to live in this country

By SJ Otto
Tomorrow is Election Day. This is one of the most important elections in a long time. I realize that there are those on the far left, Marxist-Leninists, Maoists and others who believe there is no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Their arguments are sound, but the reality is that the Republican Party, under its leader, President Donald Trump are out to destroy all the rights of workers, the working poor and the poor in general. I don’t agree that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the parties and how they will affect people. Many of us have already voted early.
An example of this is health care. Republicans don’t want poor people or working poor people to have access to health care. They want to help the insurance companies to profit off of the sick. Since Trump came to office, he has worked hard to destroy Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) and he has not made any effort to replace it with anything. The Republicans now have plans to destroy all the protection to those who have pre-existing conditions. They are saying they will protect such people as they stump across the country, but the reality is they plan to get rid of such protections. The truth has suffered under the Republican Party.
Then there are the tax cuts the Republicans are so proud of. They gave big businesses hefty tax cuts, but they took out a lot of tax deductions for people, such as teacher’s abilities to deduct the money they spend on school supplies. What Trump has actually done is to move the tax burden from the wealthy to the poor. Poor people now pay more taxes than wealthy people and some middle class people. There is no fairness to the tax system.
The Republicans have created some issues out of non issues such as immigration. Regardless of what we think of illegal aliens, they are not the major threat Trump claims they are. He is sending thousands of troops to the southern border in a response to poor people, from Central America, who are traveling in a Caravan to the US border to request asylum. What will these troops do?—Shoot unarmed men, women and children? It makes as much sense as using a shot gun to kill mosquitoes.
There is also issue of trade wars, with such countries as China. In the long run, Trumps tariffs may drive up the cost of steal and other materials that we need in this country.
Then there is the general stupidity of Trump. He comes across as an unsophisticated thug. He is one of the most sexist presidents in decades. He has had numerous affairs, and he has been dismissive of sexual assaults of women, such as his pick for Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.
All of this is a good reason for voters to vote for the Democratic candidates. I realize there are a lot of really bad Democrats who run lackluster campaigns lacking any substantial issues. But the Republicans want to support one of the most damaging leaders this country has ever seen. Voting out his Republican minions is the only way to put the breaks on him. We need to stop him. He may be the worst president since Richard Nixon. Also there some progressive Democrats such as James Thompson, backed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Everyone is telling us all to get out and vote. Voting is just one tool to try and control and obtain the rights of working people and the poor. We are not just bourgeois democrats. We need to work for the rights of the poor and working poor. Voting tomorrow is just one important tool to help us obtain such rights. By itself voting does little. But this is an important election and we can’t afford to just sit this one out.  

Pix by PinMart.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Republican dirty tricks- Ranzau sends out a phony mailer right before the election

By SJ Otto
I received this mail mailer from Richard Ranzau. He sent out these lying printouts that claim Lacy Cruz is a member of DSA and he sent it just days before the election. That is not even true. This is just plain old red-baiting, a throwback to the 1950s. This printout is liable. He sent it out late enough that Cruz can't respond to it. He is also using dirty tricks that unscrupulous Republicans use when they can't win an election. Votes need to ask themselves: "If the information is relevant, why not release it early so it can be discussed and debated?"

Friday, November 02, 2018

Vote for Kelly? It’s a no-brainer—keep Kobach out!

By SJ Otto
The big race here in Kansas is the contest for governor. Some races, such as the James Thompson-Ron Estes race will affect the whole country. President Donald Trump needs all the yes-men he can get. He will need and depend on mindless flunkies such as Estes. And Estes is just right for the job—he is a passionless dupe who lacks any real ideas or agenda of his own. Less nation-wide is the governor race.
Republican Kris Kobach is running against Democrat Laura Kelly. Kobach has made quite a name for himself. He started his career out by traveling around the country and looking for ways to suppress voting, with such restrictions as requiring IDs to vote.

According to CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin on Kobach: “Kris has devoted his career to stopping black people and poor people from voting.”
 Such opinions on Kobach’s career are common on the internet. According to The New York Times:  
“Kris Kobach Is the G.O.P. at Its Worst”
And I believe that is right. I’ve already had a few articles on Kobach and the governor’s race. By now it should be a no-brainer. There are the usual hot button issues, anti-abortion, gun rights and anti-gay bigotry—all issues championed by the Republicans. But the real issue in this campaign is Sam Brownback and his legacy. Those of us who lived through Brownback’s miss-rule remember how it was. Schools were seriously damaged. There were shortages of supplies, teachers were fired, days were lengthened to try and save money. The states infrastructure was damaged. All this was based on Brownback’s huge tax cuts for businesses. It was a tax experiment that went terribly wrong. Despite the failures of these policies, Brownback would not turn back. He was an ideologue. He was determined to stay the course and over eight years, he destroyed the state’s ability to function.
It is hard to imagine that anyone would want to return to those dark times, but Kobach does. He is determined to bring back the destructive tax cuts that brought this sate to its knees. He doesn’t care what the cost, he is determined to cater to the corporations he has put so much faith in. No matter how much damage those tax cuts cause, he is determined to bring them back. He also wants to follow Brownback’s determination to destroy any kind of health care for the poor. Brownback refused to expand Medicaid, as other states had done. He sent back grant money that President Barack Obama sent to the state of Kansas because he wanted nothing to do with Obamacare (Affordable Care Act.)
Kobach wants to follow in Brownback’s foot-steps. He wants to give us eight more years of state destruction based on a seriously flawed ideology. It is hard to imagine anyone who wants to return to the bad ol’ days we just went through. But Kobach is in a dead heat in the polls. For whatever reason, many Kansans want to return us to those miserable days.   
To avoid this disaster we need everyone who isn’t crazy to go out and vote for Laura Kelly. She is a moderate centrist and has something Kobach seriously lacks—common sense.
Idiots of a feather flock together!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

There is no chance that Donald Trump will shut his big mouth over shooting Jews and fake news

By SJ Otto
After 11 people were shot at the Tree of Life synagogue, in Pittsburgh, this nation then goes through the usual pattern of hand ringing and other predictable routines. There is a call by various politicians and citizens for new gun laws. Every politicians in the nation calls out for a discussion on the various gun laws and possible changes to the gun laws.[1] As can be predicted, these calls fall short of any action and they go silent shortly after the passion of the event (usually a shooting at a church or school) cools down. By now, no one has followed through on any kind of change. It’s a pattern and it has persisted now for years with absolutely no variations. No new gun laws have been enacted and we can expect nothing to change.
Here in Wichita there are groups of people who want to roll back the Kansas gun laws that allow people to carry guns without a permit. A lot of people want to require permits before a person can carry a gun. I oppose that because changing it would allow those who have the money for permits to carry a gun while poor people could not carry a gun. The permits are expensive. That means only wealthy people can carry guns if those changes are made. I would rather see the efforts made to roll back the “stand your ground” laws. Those laws seem to shield a reckless person so they can carry a gun. As it stands, a person can shoot the wrong person or kill them over a frivolous reason. Just recently a white man shot an unarmed black man in a fight over a parking space.  
Another problem that may contribute to these church and school shootings is the division and politically charged attitudes that politicians are creating. People are getting fire up from the political rhetoric from speeches and written opinions.
Consider President Donald Trump’s tweets and speeches at his rallies. At first Trump agreed to “ratchet down” the rhetoric that has enflamed people across the country. The nation is deeply divided and people are passionate about their political points of view. Some say that such divisions are responsible for those who have acted out violence, such as Cesar Sayoc who allegedly mailed out all those pipe bombs to Democrats and supporters of Democrats. Then there is the Robert Bowers, who allegedly shot up the Tree of Life synagogue. Acts of hate against Jews and other minorities seem to be way up over the last few years.
At first Trump said he would “ratchet down” his rhetoric against the Democrats and minorities. Some folks are blaming Trump for the rise in hate crimes and verbal attacks by far-right hate groups who feel at ease to attack minorities, such as gays, blacks and foreigners. As Trump crosses this country trying to rally his supporters to support Republicans who are running election campaigns this season, his rhetoric has gotten nasty. For example Trump tweeted:

“There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame...”

Trump just can’t seem to shut his big fat mouth or his thumbs as he tweets his angry and hateful messages. It is not surprising he has made a cluster f**k out of trashing foreigners and aliens who want to come here, such as that big caravan that is coming from Central America, but he has also attacked the news media, calling them “fake news” and “the enemy of the people.”
There are legitimate reasons to want to put the brakes on people who want to come here illegally and join our nation. Trump goes way overboard. He accused George Soros and other Democrats of paying people to come here from Central America. Such an accusation is totally false and completely absurd. He is trying to use these baseless accusations to motivate his base of support to get out and vote. He is trying to create an atmosphere of fear and hate. It is working.
We all have problems with the mainstream news media from time to time. But to insist that they are “fake news” and “true enemy of the people” is a ridiculous accusation. These are obviously made because Trump has thin skin. He can’t handle criticism. The news media may make mistakes, but they have reported on his idiot actions and his downright stupidity and there is nothing fake about that. We can be thankful that the news media is watching Trump and reporting on his mistakes. If any institution is an “true enemy of the people” it is him. We would all be better off if Trump just kept his big mouth shut about a lot of the things he talks about.
We all know Trump is not going to do that. He will keep on tweeting and mouthing off on things he either knows nothing about or he just makes things up. As long as he is president we can count on Trump to fan the passions of hateful people who take their politics just too passionately.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

It’s Samhain/Halloween a holiday we are all familiar with

By SJ Otto
Happy Samhain/Halloween, etc! Most people know this holiday as a time for dressing up, and children getting candy from “trick or treating.” But this was the most important holiday of the year, before Christianity came to Europe. The Druids, witches, Wiccans and other pre-Christian religions saw this day as a kind of New Year day. It was the most important holiday of the year, in which people celebrated the end of the harvest and the beginning of the new year. It was also a time where people believed that spirits could visit the living. That is why many people wore masks. They carved pumpkins out of fruits, such as turnips. (Pumpkins came from the new world, so Europeans didn’t have them).
It is amazing that any of these traditions remain, since Halloween can be viewed as a non-Christian holiday. At one point the Christian Church came up with All Saints Day, for a holiday after Halloween, where people were supposed to dress as their favorite saints and go to mass.

Here are some good Halloween tunes:

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween

Ramones - Pet Sematary

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fox Business host peddles conspiracy theories about pipe bombs mailed to Trump's enemies

Since bombs against liberal leaders have been front and center in the news lately, I just had to post something about who ever is sending them. –SJ Otto

Like many in the Fox News lineup, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs has treated his audience to ever-more-dubious rantings and conspiracy theories over the last few years. His routine has gotten meaner, his dedication to hoax-peddling more urgent, and his incessant demonization of liberals, immigrants, government officials, and anyone else that Dear Leader has designated for abuse on any given day has become a regular feature of his “business”-themed show.
Now the Fox host is trivializing and conspiracy-peddling about a pipe bomb sent to a host of Trump’s named enemies, including a rival news network.
For the rest click here.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Local Kansas Democrats rally to get out the vote

By SJ Otto
In the wake of two big time visits from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in support of Kris Kobach and other Republican candidates across the state, Democrats rallied the troops, October 21, with a visit by Dan Glickman former Kansas Congressman from the 4th District and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.
"I was an elected official here for many years,” Glickman said, according to KAKE TV. “I just like to see people engaged."
Glickman has spent the weekend back in Kansas stumping for Democrats like James Thompson, candidate for the US Fourth District House of Representatives, Laura Kelly and Lynn Rogers, candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, Lacy Cruse, running for Sedgwick County Commissioner, and Kansas Representative John Carmichael among others. They gathered Sunday afternoon at the Machinist Hall in Wichita, KS.
I was there, just in time to see local Democrats speak.[1] Thompson and Cruse are part of a movement to move the Democratic Party to the left. In the past the Democrats have relied on a strategy of raising lots of money, staying close to the center and avoiding controversial issues that might offend voters. That strategy has not always worked and many progressive Democrats are sick of it. Thompson, Cruse and some other Democrats were able to fill Century II, earlier this year, with supporters of both their campaign and the more progressive local Democrats.
“If you have pre-existing health conditions, you better vote,” said Thompson. He added that his opponent Ron Estes wants to get rid of the protections that Obamacare (Affordable Care Act or ACA) has given people.
“They will allow insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions and deny people health care,” Thompson added.
He also pointed out that Trump and his Republican congress people want to cut back on Social Security.
“They call it entitlements and they are entitlements,” Thompson said. “You paid into them your whole life and they want to take that away from you.”
Other Democrats warned that if Kobach wins the election, he will damage the public schools even worse than Sam Brownback did when he was governor.
This afternoon the theme was to get out and vote. Most of the speakers said that there has never been a bigger difference between the Democrats and Republicans in the state’s history.  It was also announce d that about 40,000 Democrats and independents have signed up to vote in the last week. This could spell a big difference in the outcomes of these elections.

[1] Since I am a Gonzo Journalist I am able to put myself in the story when the need for that arises. This is a part of being a Gonzo that I really like.
Many local Democrats were on hand today.

James Thompson warned Democrats that his opponent Ron Estes wants to cut back on people's health care.

Lacy Cruse was in the Maize Fall Festival Parade Yesterday. 

There was an enthusiastic crowd with lots of Democrats.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Marching with Lacy Cruse in the Maize Fall Festival

By SJ Otto
Today I took part in the Maize Fall Festival Parade of Maize Kansas. I marched with contingent of Lacy Cruse. The march is held every year and local political candidates take part so they can promote their candidacies. Here are some photos of our group.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Trump—the anti-journalist president who jokes about beating up journalists

By SJ Otto
Once again we are treated to the ramblings of a thug-like buffoon who pretends to be our “President” Donald Trump. Trump was at a rally to shore up support for Republicans and his words were followed with cheers from a crowd of brain dead Montanans.
Montana House Republican Greg Gianforte body slammed Ben Jacobs, of the Guardian. Trump said Gianforte is "my guy." Trump said this at a time when Saudi Arabia has kidnapped and assassinated a journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.   .
It is one thing to go around claiming the media provides us “fake news,” but we don’t need to give politicians a green light to physically attack journalists for doing their job.[1] This seems to be a dangerous time to be a journalist.
Saudi Arabia has a terrible human rights record. The country is similar to Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea and has a lot of the same problems, such as being a government that uses heredity to determine its leaders. The people of Saudi Arabia are not starving, which is one of the few differences. Saudi Arabia is an oil rich kingdom and the US sells them lots of weapons. On the other hand North Korea is a cold war relic that is still considered a US enemy. The US mainstream news media makes a lot of noise over North Korea’s human rights record. The same news media completely ignores the human rights abuses of Saudi Arabia.  
Trump and his ilk have been slow to criticize Saudi Arabia. They now have to decide how they are going to deal with a staunch ally that clearly has murdered a dissident journalist and yet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he told President Donald Trump to give Saudi Arabia "a few more days to complete" an investigation into the Khashoggi murder. According to CNBC Pompeo says that Saudi officials told him during a visit to the kingdom this week that "they will conduct a complete, thorough investigation of all of the facts surrounding Mr. Khashoggi, and that they will do so in a timely fashion."
To have the government of Saudi Arabia investigate its own crimes is absurd. It’s like having a fox investigate its own crime of stealing eggs from the hen house. But the US, under Trump and war mongering leaders such as Pompeo, are forced to pretend they are dealing with a civilized nation that follows the democratic rules of a Western country.
No US president in modern times would have an easy time of trying to defend all the trade and military deals with such a despicable government. But Trump’s constant haranguing of the US press has back fired on him. Trump has come out looking like an anti-press, anti-journalist thug. He can now be seen as a governing, thinned skin politician caught up in a murder cover-up.
Our idiot president has shown that he has no respect for the rules of law when it comes to those who might expose him as the buffoon that he is. I wonder if Trump would find it funny if I encouraged someone take a shot at him?
Pix from The Federalist Papers.

[1] I can add to this that I am a journalist, so this applies to me.