Thursday, June 23, 2022

Local DSA chapter starts up again

By Steve Otto

Union activity and gay rights were discussed at last Sunday's Democratic Socialists of America's meeting.

Esau Freeman talked about union organizing a Starbuck's.

"The SIUE (Service Employee's International Union) is helping them" Esau said. "So far they have their own logo and don’t want to use the logo of the SEIU."

Freeman also said the baristas wont get machinist type wages as their union has gotten them. The baristas have had a vote and the union won. Starbucks has not reacted yet and some organizers are afraid that the company will simply shut down the shops that want to go union.

Russell Fox was the MC. He suggested that union organizing might be a good project for DSA. There is a union rally this Saturday. Anyone interested can to go

Also discussed was attempts to outsource some workers for the Wichita School System, USD259, especially their attempt to destroy the janitors union. Also discussed was the City workers union.

There was a suggestion that DSA take up gay rights issues.

DSA member want to support the August vote against the new amendment, but they said they have to vote as individuals. The local DSA chapter does  not endorse elections directly.

DSA will meet the third Sunday of each month.

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