About this site

This site is necessary to expose the corruption, ideological dogmatism and just plain stupidity of conservative politics.

The primary function of this site is to counter far right politics, especially that of the Republican Party and the Tea Party. This site feels free to criticize the Democratic Party as well, but the Republican is the most successful anti-worker, pro-business party in the US today. The Republicans run relentless campaigns to strip away working people’s rights and threaten the very survival of the poor and working poor.

We support Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). We are a democratic socialist blog, but we welcome liberals and other leftists as well.
In addition this site focuses on muck raking. We want to clean up politics and expose those who really don't belong in politics. This is not designed for those with conservative tastes.

About the writing staff:

SJ Otto 
As for my writing style, I use the Gonzo Journalism, made famous by Hunter S. Thompson. I am an activist in the Wichita Kansas area.
Chris Otto
-is the brother of SJ Otto. He is an activist who lives in the St. Louis, MO area. His politics are mainly liberal. He occasionally writes on the various political situations in his city.
I use advocacy journalism. I am not writing balanced news from both sides. Others are attempting that…feel free to read their stuff. I write the truth, but I focus on my own point of view and support those I believe are advancing positive goals. Gonzo also allows the writer to put him/her/self in the story when it is advantageous to do so. I do use my own rules and style when I feel it is appropriate. I do not follow the Associated Press style exclusively.

This site also opposes the imperialist foreign policies of the US. There is no reason I should have to sit here and support a nation that bullies others, conquers other people's countries and tells them how they have to live. I oppose those policies whenever possible.

We endorse all types of political activism.

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