Tuesday, June 21, 2022

In Florida- conservatives know better than scientists, Doctors or experts

 By Steve Otto

Now that we have Covid vaccines shots for children as young as 6 months, parents should be jumping for joy. But not in Florida. Their Department of Health led by state Surgeon General Joe Ladapo, an outspoken skeptic of the Covid-19 vaccine, has put the vaccine on hold. According to Politico:

“The Florida Department of Health, through a statement, said Wednesday that it did not place an order with the federal government for vaccine doses for kids five and under in part because it doesn’t advise all children get vaccinated. The deadline for placing a pre-order was Tuesday and 49 other states met the cutoff date.

And what does he base this belief on? The doctors and experts all agree that children should take the shots. But Ladapo feels he knows better than anyone what children’s health needs. After all he is a conservative. And conservatives know everything. They all have common sense opinions. People keep electing them. How could they be wrong?

All the doctors and experts have is careful study and knowledge they got by years of study in college. There are voters who look down on those kinds of people.

I once heard a commentator say that he could use Republican tactics and in a week, he could convince people that the opinion of a janitor makes more sense than a scientist. He was talking about global warming and how easy it was for Republicans to shoot down the idea that global warming is real.

Pix by cnbc.com.

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