Tuesday, July 18, 2017

US Army is on an extermination campaign

By SJ Otto
Not long ago people complained about the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. Back then President George Bush called those prisoners "enemy combatants." he said they had no rights at all as enemy soldiers. They had no right to trial.
Todaymany years later—where are the enemy combatants?
The answer is simple­—we no longer take prisoners. We just kill those who violate our western values. Not since the US Indian Wars was there such an attempt to exterminate a people as is now being done in Iraq.
If we go back to World War II, our army captured many troops and leaders of those troops. Out troops took prisoners in the Korean War. Not today. We are exterminating them.
So what happens to those who actually surrender to US led coalition troops?, according to Independent UK News:

"Iraqi security forces kill Isis prisoners because they believe that if the militants are sent to prison camps they will bribe the authorities in Baghdad to release them. “That is why Iraqi soldiers prefer to shoot them or throw them off high buildings,” says one Iraqi source. A former senior Iraqi official said he could name the exact sum that it would take for an Isis member to buy papers enabling him to move freely around Iraq."
Guantanamo bay is almost empty today. We are fighting wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. So were are all the prisoners from battles we won? There are nonf. We kill them all. When it comes to leaders our US Army makes a priority of attacking and killing leaders. From NBC News:

"The leader of an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan was killed in a U.S. airstrike on the groups’ headquarters this week, the Pentagon said Friday.
Abu Sayed, the emir of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the Khorasan Province, called ISIS-K, died in Tuesday’s airstrike in Kunar Province, a region on Afghanistan’s northeast border with Pakistan.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters on Friday that when leaders of terror groups like ISIS-K are killed the groups could be set back a day, a few weeks or a month. "It's obviously a victory on our side, in terms of setting them back. It's the right direction," he said."
So we see the proud victory of an Army that takes no prisoners and celebrates every time the kill an important person.
This is nothing less than genocide. This country has decided to kill all those who don't fit in with their new global order. In this war the idea is to wipe out the people who may have differences of opinion.
Another thing missing is any kind of negotiating. Our military treats that as weakness. But we have no way of moving out of this war. There can be no solution to these wars but absolute and total victory for the US Empire who is now relying on their superior weapons. 
This is one more reason to oppose these phony wars. We know they are not about terrorism, that is a lie. This is about defending the US empire against all those who oppose it. The US started this war, not them. They are extermination campaigns and nothing less.
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