Monday, July 11, 2022

Kansans turn out in rally to defeat anti-abortion goons

By Steve Otto

There were many good shirts and many good signs, including a flag that looked like the Tea Party flag, they got from the US Revolution. But it had a uterus rather than a snake and said "Don't Tread on my uterus."

The crowd probably topped a thousand people. According to The Wichita Eagle,[1]:The crowd stretched further than from Third Street to First Street. They started at the Price Woodard Park then marched around to City Hall.

There is an issue on the ballot in August to change the Kansas Constitution to allow bans on abortion. Women across the state are gathering momentum for the vote. This is one of the most important votes in recent Kansas History.

Also, The Wichita Eagle wrote an article about pro-life idiots threatening to harm our governor over her vetoing anti-transgender protection laws. "She better change her locks"- Some ignoramus said. Naturally all the backward thinking Republicans thought the comment was hilarious.[2]
[1] Michael Stavola, Crowds turn out to rally Wichita support for Vote NO movement, The Wichita Eagle, vol. 150 issue 191, July 10, 2022, p. 9A. 
[2] Ibid, The Wichita Eagle, p. 5A.

All photos- Steve Otto


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