Saturday, January 20, 2018

Marchers in Wichita, joined women and men across the country sounded off against Trump

By SJ Otto
Women and men from all over Wichita, came together to remember and revive last year's Women's March on the Air Capital, this Saturday. This year there was no march, just a rally. Between 1,000 and 1,500 people attended the rally.
All through the march one consistent theme was voting. The organizers of the march chanted over and over again, encouraging everyone to vote and they encouraged women to run for office.
At least one of the speakers at the rally has already run for office. Anabel Larumbe talked about her run against Susan Wagle in the Kansas Senate.
"She had all that money and I had very little," Larume said. "Even with that, I got 41 percent of the vote. If I can do it, anyone can."
Julie Burkhart spoke of the success of her Trust Women organization, which she founded. She said her abortion services, have been extremely successful and are now operating in three states.
"Shoulder to shoulder we should resist hate, xenophobia, homophobia," Burkhart said. "We are still here."
She added that  our collective blood pressure rose up when anti-choice Donald Trump was elected president.
"We've made strides in supporting health care," She added.
Silvia Fleming, vice president of Service Employees Union (SEIU), who works at Hamilton Middle School, spoke on the need for education.
"We need someone to believe in young girls today," she added.
"We will not be ignored," said Lavonta Williams, city council member. She talked about her support of Wichita's poorest citizens and how she has worked to aid them and their time of needs.
Other rallies were held today across the US. This movement of women is a direct results of the election of Donald Trump and his attacks on women's rights, as well as attacks on immigrants, transgender and members of the gay community. As with Wichita, women's groups across the country are focusing on voting. Despite Kris Koback's  many attempts at voter suppression, people at Wichita's rally were able to help people register to vote.
There were some very creative signs at the rally.

As with sign makers in Wichita,  there were many visible all across the country, including a sign that said "S***hole-N-Chief.” Also, as with Wichita, many speakers across the country said their purpose is to encourage voter participation in the 2018 midterm elections.

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