Saturday, July 12, 2014

Petition to stop the Tea Party

For those who are tired to the stupidity of the Republican Party—this article is for those who want to sign a petition:

Speaker Boehner is taking his partisan games to the next level and suing the president over health care reform!!

That's insane –Boehner can clearly no longer lead Congress and instead is going to resort to political stunts and attacking the president –we've got to fight back.

Click here and add your name to stand with the President
The Tea Party (formerly the Grand Old Party) is putting commonsense aside to do everything in their power to attack the president these next two years and trying stop all the progress we've made. Even the laughable Sarah Palin has gotten in the mix, and she's called for the president to be impeached!!

Stop the Tea Party

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wichita protesters respond to the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling

In Wichita, as well as across the country, protesters have taken on Hobby Lobby since their victory handed down from the U.S. Supreme Court this week. The court ruled that Hobby Lobby does not have to pay for their employee’s birth control, because of their religious beliefs. People marched in front of the Hobby Lobby at Ridge and Central, here in Wichita.
“They (Supreme Court) really did overreach,” said Jessica Nellis, one of about 20 protesters present at 1:30 in the afternoon. She said she was surprised when the ruling was announced. The protest was scheduled from 9:00am to 8:00pm, this Saturday.
“The Supreme Court left it opened to interpretation,” Nellis continued. “What if these people were Muslims and they didn’t want to hire non-Muslims?” 

Hobby Lobby will no longer have to pay for coverage of the two contraceptives (IUDs and Plan B) that they consider abortifacients, (reported by National Catholic Reporter).
The 5-4 ruling only applies to the federal mandate. State-mandated contraceptive coverage was not changed by the decision.
The court majority ruled that "persons" with religious beliefs protected by the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) include "closely-held" corporations -- those defined by the Internal Revenue Service as having 50 percent of their stock owned by five or fewer individuals. This means that if the federal government wants to force such corporations to do something contrary to their religious beliefs, then it has a series of legal hurdles to overcome.

Nellis, as with many people concerned about this action, plans to boycott Hobby Lobby.
“I used to shop here and now I don’t,” Nellis added. “It’s a shame. They have it wrong on IUDs (intrauterine device). If anything it gets rid of the need for an abortion to happen.”
This protest was organized by a few individuals using a Facebook page they created. Charli James was one of the protesters on hand who help organize the event. She said the turnout had been pretty good so far.
“We had one group of guys who showed up and got in our faces,” James said. “They didn’t think we were right. There were a few antagonists.”
She added that many other people who passed them had a positive attitude towards the protest.
“One guy showed up with a gun,” she added.
Someone took a picture of him and posted it on the Facebook page. James said he was vague as to where he stood on the issue.
“He said he was there to protect us,” she added.
That person wrote into Facebook and said his name was Sam McCrory. His presents at the rally and on Facebook sparked heated discussion. Otherwise the protest went peaceful the rest of the day.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Fireworks mark our 4th of July celebration

Despite all this country’s negative sides we spent the day celebrating our independence day, July 4, 2014. We had the all American meal, including hot dogs, potato chips and other fine food. We went to my brother’s house in Douglas, KS.
We celebrated the birth of our country—the beginning of the end of the feudalist era and our independence from Britain. We celebrated the end of British imperialism.
Not celebrated where nearly a century of slavery, genocide of Native American Indians, countless invasions and meddling in Latin America , the many US capital punishment executions and imperialism on a world wide scale, as of these later years.
Most of all we just shot off a lot of fireworks. And we had lots of them. There were three different families there and each brought a large box filled with fireworks.

- សតិវ អតុ
John Otto lights a smoke grenade to celebrate this holiday.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy 1/4 - Now we need a 1/5 (revised)

The most important thing about the US revolution was that it served as a turning point from Feudalism to capitalism, one of the shifts that Karl Marx believed was important in his stages of human economic and political development: From Feudalism to Capitalism, from Capitalism to Socialism, from Socialism to Communism.

The Republicans (anti-aristocrats at that time) included both Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. They differed from Hamilton and his Federalists who wanted to create some kind of aristocracy.  In his later writings, Paine condemned the Federalists for trying to reverse the US revolution and what it stood for.
Paine went to France to take part in the French Revolution, for which he wrote “The Rights of Man.” He fell out of favor of France’s first non-aristocratic leader, Maximilien Robespierre.
Paine remained in France until 1802, when he returned to America on an invitation from Thomas Jefferson, who had been elected president.
He condemned Napoleon Bonaparte's coup d'état, overthrowing the Directory, calling him "the completest charlatan that ever existed."
Now fast forward almost 230 years and there is only a skeleton of the original revolution. The now, not-so-young country, United States of America has, condemned the Sandinista revolution against a dictator, supported Saudi Arabia, one of the most complete feudal societies on earth, and the US is now attempting to be the next Roman-like empire, controlling all of the Middle-East.
Today our country has a skeleton left of what was really never overly democracy. We have president, barely elected by people who have instituted torture and concentration camps.

It’s time for the next move—from capitalism to Socialism.
- សតិវ​ អតុ

The Beatles - Revolution

Jefferson Airplane - Revolution (Live, Woodstock 1969)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Koch ads defend their political record—but don’t fool opponents

Lately I’ve been watching the new ad the Koch Brothers, Charles and David, have produced to make them-selves look better. That is no doubt an effort to counter all the bad publicity and vilification they get from environmentalists groups and those opposed to their efforts to control the political system for their own benefits. All this is not really surprising. Anyone who wants to take over our country and trash our environment needs to have enough money to buy ads and do “good works” to make them look good. A lot of people have seen through the smoke and mirrors of the Koch Brother’s efforts and now they need to look better
On top of all the money they spend it is highly a likely-hood that the Kochs have shills that write all those letters to the editor of the Wichita Eagle, extolling the virtues of having the Koch Brothers in this community. Recently they contributed $25 million to the United Negro College fund. It is easy to tell they are here in Wichita. Their name is one a good number of buildings all across Wichita, including Koch Arena that used to be Henry Levitt Arena.
Representative Scott Schwab, Republican-Olathe, did not receive an endorsement for the Aug. 5 primary election from the Kansas Chamber PAC last week despite consistently voting with the chamber on almost all major issues. It didn’t take him long to realize he was getting the cold shoulder from the Koch Brothers, who influence the PAC. He did not stack up to their standards despite him bragging about the times he voted their way.
An e-mail sent from Schwab’s campaign address with his name on it asserted the snub has to do with his breaking with the chamber by voting against a bill to repeal the state’s renewable energy standards and questioning the policy’s rationale.
So it is with this e-mail that we see the overwhelming power of the Koch Brothers. Unlike the rest of us, who can barely get access to ANY of our state representatives, the Kochs get immediate attention due to their $ billionaire status and their positions as major political pawn brokers.
Just last month, activist from Kansas and Oklahoma came to address a crowd of about 75 people in Wichita, all denouncing the Koch Brothers as the most dangerous men in the US today.
Besides all the $ billions they pay to promote their “no real climate change” message, which many Americans don’t buy and consider dangerous, theKochs also have to deal with the back lash against their meddling in US and Kansas politics. Many people see them as a threat to democracy and attempts so set themselves up as virtual dictators. They have the ability to make or break an election campaign while the rest of us have no control over them at all. It makes a mockery of our votes.
So the Kochs have to spend money to convince the gullible that they are a great innovative company that our communities really need. But they aren’t fooling a lot of people. Those who are painfully aware of what they have done to our politics will not be satisfied with a few phony service messages. We want them OUT of our politics all together.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It’s election time and we can vote for Senator Sleazy Slime

By Red Bob Blogger…

Oh good...It's election time and the folks on PBS can tell me all about the scum bags who want me to go out and vote for them. If I do I will have to wash my hands extra good to get off the slime of these nasty people. Pat Robinson already brags he is the 5th most conservative. Why doesn't he just show a picture of his asshole and brag about his ability to make life really hard for poor people, elderly and handicapped? Why doesn't he brag that he supports keeping all them Mexican illegals from voting. His slogan should be "I'm the biggest ass hole in Kansas."How do I keep the slime off my TV?

I sell heroin, have sex with children,
take bribes, hate immigrants and poor people,
kill children, smoke dope, cost you your job and
Mike Pompeo

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nugent-Kobach—haters of a feather work together

It was a team matched down in Hell—Right-wing rockerTed Nugent has endorsed Kris Kobach for re-election as Kansas secretary of state. Nugent is the most right-wing idiot on the rock and roll scene. Kobach may be one of the worst Kansas politicians to come along in years. He is the most bigoted and racist Kansan in office since the 1950s.
Nugent champions the rights of people’s gun rights. Nugent is famous for "Cat Scratch Fever” and “Wango Tango.” Recently he posted a Facebook message Wednesday, urging his fans and other 
carpetbaggers to donate to Kobach’s campaign.
According to the Seattle Pi, Nugent called the 44th president a “subhuman mongrel” and went on the say that ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has “spare scrotums.” He also called Obama a communist.
Most people know Kobach from his attempts at stopping immigrants from registering to vote. I personally heard Kobach tell a crowd of people that he had a record of 20—yes that's 20—whole cases of voter fraud. And how many people could not vote in the last election due to these new laws—
18,000. Is that a good deal or what? And we know that poor people and minorities are the people most likely to have trouble coming up with the documents to meet these new requirements. Those just happen to be the very people Kansas Republicans don't want to vote because they might vote against them.
Kobach has traveled all around the country helping other states disenfranchise their minorities and immigrants. Some people in Kansas are wondering if he spends enough time to actually do his job that he was elected for.
Kobach has championed a bill to 
ignore the federal government and protect the rights of landowners to kill of the lesser prairie Chicken. Those of us who want to preserve our Kansas heritage must sit back and watch while the greediest citizens drive our wild life to extinction. We have Koback to thank for that.
More than likely Nugent champions Kobach for gun rights. In the last year and 1/2 we have had nearly 70 shootings by mentally ill people, or people who are temporarily insane, who legally bought guns. We can easily thank Nugent and the NRA he works with and almost all Kansas politicians for making it easy for insane people to get guns.
Kobach represents the worst that Kansas has to offer. Nugent is the best reason not to become a member of the NRA.