Thursday, February 04, 2016

The bigot Trump catches the slippery weasel Cruz cheating

By SJ Otto
Donald Trump has accused second runner up Ted Cruz of cheating in the caucus. I don't doubt that a bit. Surely Trump realizes a slimy weasel as Cruz has the usual bag of dirty tricks that all professional Republicans have and use. Cruz is a Tea Party Republican.
The real question is "why would ANY working person support politicians as Cruz or Trump?" Or why would anyone who isn't independently wealthy vote for Cruz. The man is a greasy slime ball who wants to make life really hard for working people and women. He wants to kill off poor people who need medical coverage. Without such coverage medical care is unaffordable and many working poor people will die. And if Trump or Cruz are elected even more will die do them getting rid of the ACA (Affordable Health Care Act or Obama Care). They also want to make them miserable and homeless buy by cutting their social programs. They also want to keep the working poor, who can’t get any health care, poor by opposing minimum wage increases. They want to keep destroying unions.
Both these ass holes want to kill such programs as Planned Parenthood, which is needed health care by poor women. Cruz's Tea Party backers expect him to try and KILL the right to legal abortions. And the Republicans- all of them- don't care at all that they will produce dead poor people.
They want to destroy all the programs that push employers to give health care benefits- or any benefits for holding a job. They want businesses to have ALL the power to rule over working poor or any other employees. It is if these men- and all those in the Tea Party- want to reduce workers to nothing more than oxen working for almost nothing. The plan is to get employees worked to death, and then thrown out in the street, to make way for a newer younger oxen.  
The Republicans, especially the Tea Party Republicans, are not much different than fascists or Nazis. They have bags of dirty tricks to cheat in elections. In such states as Kansas they try to entrench themselves in any way they can so a Democrat can’t just undo their dirty work. For the common working man as myself there is nothing but degradation and the constant destruction of working people's rights. It is like seeing chickens voting in a fox to run the hen house.
Both Trump and Cruz are disgusting and despicable slime- greasy pigs that only a moron would want to vote for unless they are wealthy or run a business.
The idiots in the news media follow these creeps around as if they are just a class of respectable leadership potentials. What we have in America today is a con game. Shills pretending to deliver to us unbiased reporting. A fish dealer offering us a supply of really old, really stale smelly dead fish...
And I ain't buying none of it.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A tie and a warning

From the Daily Kos:

After Iowa, I see basically bad news for our party, bad news for each campaign. I'm hoping this doesn't get worse, but I'm not getting my hopes up. 
First, although Clinton is the winner here, this was way too close for this campaign to claim any bragging rights. Now I know Clinton people will offer up the usual caveats: rural white people, semi-open caucus system, etc. And that's all true. But the fact is the campaign chose to compete here and the win was unimpressive. There is no way I'd be thinking ‘stick to the plan’ after a what is basically a tie. Even if the nomination case is on firmer footing, the general election caae for this campaign is weak. They have to do better than this crap. Clearly. Democrats should be thanking Bernie Sanders right now because clearly the frontrunner has some glaring weaknesses that need correcting. 
Second, for the Sanders Campaign to claim something out of this is perfectly fair. They remind me of ‘flurry’ boxers from my GG days. Huge myriad of combinations, none of them strong enough to leave a mark. The Sanders Campaign promised to expand the electorate and win the disaffected and so on. But that failed to materialize in probably the most favorable territory he's going to see for the next month and a half. Sanders should be especially disappointed by his underperformance in Des Moines, which is the most Democratic Party of America looking place in Iowa. If I were the Sanders Campaign, I'd be asking about why they campaign can't seem to get out of a very rural, very white box. There's no path to victory there in this party. A strong performance, but not one likely to change any minds elsewhere in the country. I know Sanders folks believe a wave of socialism is sweeping the country, but if Iowa is any indication, its a very narrow demographic, not big enough for victory. 

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Monday, February 01, 2016

Caucus and wait for the results

By SJ Otto
So we sit on our keisters wondering who will really win this.  Some of us see Bernie Sanders as a step in the right direction. Sure there is baggage. His foreign policy mostly sucks real bad. He is an imperialist. But this is the first presidential hopeful in years to stand up to the capitalist system and declare that he is not a capitalist. He may not be a REAL socialist, but voting for him sends a message that we are not afraid of socialism.

There are Marxists who condemned him as being "not one of us." But I don't care. I'm waiting to see how my candidate does on the evening news tonight. Here is a little comic relief:

The Three Stooges In Three Dark Horses

Part 1
Part 2

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Paul Kantner was a driving force of the 1960s music

From Otto's War Room:
One of my favorite rock bands of my past life was the Jefferson Airplane. A major writer for that group was Paul Kenner. He died recently and that leaves me with a hollow feeling. He came out with the album "Blows Against the Empire." Kantner was a not a Marxist or at least he was not known to have such tendencies. But he took the counter-culture seriously and he encompassed the spirit of rebellion and revolution. He was responsible for the launching of the band Jefferson Starship or just Starship, after the Jefferson Airplane broke up.

As with John Lennon I see him as a musician who liked to shake things up. His "Blows Against the Empire" was classics:
The album is a narrative concept album that tells the story of a counter-culture revolution against the oppressions of "Uncle Samuel" and a plan to steal a starship from orbit and journey into space in search of a new home. The original vinyl release is divided into two album sides. "Mau Mau (Amerikon)" launched Side One, a counter-culture manifesto and call to arms. In the context of the narrative, this is the free music being performed in the park, drawing everyone together.
"Put your old ladies back into bed,
Put your old men into their graves,
Cover their ears so they can't hear us sing,
Cover their eyes so they can't see us play."
"Get out of the way, let the people play,
We gotta get down on you,
Come alive all over you,
Dancing down, into your town."
It celebrates late-sixties counter-culture, depicting people celebrating mind expansion and free love, "We'll ball in your parks, insane with the flash of living...calling for acid, cocaine and grass." They've had enough of the military, domestic and abroad, and make one of the earliest references to Ronald Reagan in popular music in the line, "You unleash the dogs of a grade-B movie star Governor's drop your fuckin' bombs, burn your demon babies, I will live again!" They condemn the divisive strictures of conservative society, and dream of finding a Utopia.

Perhaps drug use is not really revolutionary, but rebellion is. I like to think that Kantner contributed to the rebelliousness of the 1960s and 1970s.

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Flint Michigan water scandal is part of the anti-poor conspiracy

By SJ Otto
The reports coming out of Flint Michigan, are painting a distinct picture of class war far-fare. A report from CNN asked: "Was the city neglected because it is mostly black and about 40% poor?"

We are seeing more and more proof that this situation is about wealthy people ignoring the problems of poor people. There is also a racist element, as many residents are black. But as with political decision made all across the country, including here in Kansas, we see wealthy people ignoring dangerous elements that are killing poor people.
Here in Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback has absolutely refused to expand Medicaid. Estimates are that between 113 and 330 Kansans will die, over this next year, without this health care. The people who die will be working poor and it seems that such people just don't matter to a lot of other people, especially right-wing ideology such as Brownback and other wealthy and middle-class people. Not only the Republicans, but the wealthy people who will vote for people who are more concerned about keeping taxes low rather than saving the lives of poor people.
I don't remember a time when the lives of poor people have meant so little to the general public. For the benefit of the people of Flint, many probably didn't realize this was going on.
Again, from CNN:

"Would more have been done, and at a much faster pace, if nearly 40 percent of Flint residents were not living below the poverty line? The answer is unequivocally yes," the NAACP said in a statement.
Others go further.
"While it might not be intentional, there's this implicit bias against older cities -- particularly older cities with poverty (and) majority-minority communities," said Democratic U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, who represents the Flint area.
"It's hard for me to imagine the indifference that we've seen exhibited if this had happened in a much more affluent community," he said.

So it is up to us, political activists and voters, to make sure we expose these creepy right-wingers and the ass holes who just don't care about poor people's lives. Just recently Brownback was at an anti-abortion rally in Washington DC, according to CJONLINE;

“Let us see an end to the killing of children in Kansas,” Brownback said during the Rally for Life event outside the Capitol. “The most pro-life state in AmericaKansas.”

He claims to be pro-life when his is literally letting children die of disease in Kansas. WHAT A HIPPOCRIT!!

This kind of indifference over human rights is unacceptable and it is an abomination. We need to use upcoming elections to get rid of those who have relentlessly waged class war-fare against poor people in Kansas and elsewhere.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

FEEL THE BERN! Chili/Soup Night was a success for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Wichita

By SJ Otto
Bernie Sanders supporters met, yesterday in Wichita, for the FEEL THE BERN! Chili/Soup Night fundraiser. Brooklynne Mosley is the local Bernie Sanders coordinator and she was on hand to talk at the event.
People are getting yard signs, buttons and bumper stickers to spread the word.
Some people are planning to go to Iowa and other states were caucuses are being held.
There was discussion of future meetings, such as Feb. 20, Bernie Sanders rally at Abode!
Now is a good time to volunteer for phone banking. They will be calling Bernie supporters just to remind them to caucus.
There were members from the Kansas Democratic Party and as well as members of Sedgwick County For Bernie Sanders. Support for this campaign is growing and doing well. There were about 100 people at the event. Some people have complained that Bernie should not have run as a Democrat. I think it was a smart move on his part. He has automatically jumped into the middle of the mainstream to get his message out. Bernie has jumped a head of Hillary Clinton in some states. Even if he does not win this will be a symbolic victory over all the ass-hole Republicans who want us all to believe that "no one in America will ever vote for a socialist." Guess again. We are winning. This is the first time in years a socialist has run for president and taken seriously.
Maybe this will mark the end of America's love affair with stupid right-wing ass-holes who have devoted their careers to kissing the asses of corporate America, destroying what is left of a decent work environment and a ceaseless attack on poor people and their vary lives.

If you want to help in the Bernie campaign, call Sara Volkman; 316-253-0198. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls

By SJ Otto
So far the rise in support for Bernie Sanders has caught a lot of people by surprise. For me the biggest surprise of all is that a politicians can rise in the polls who claims to be a socialist and has openly said he is not a capitalist. Whether or not enough of the American people can overlook that is hard to tell. It may show that the US free market system has way more critics than the talking heads of America have been willing to admit.
Of course Bernie will need to build up beyond being a socialist. He needs the support of women's groups and black people's groups. But he has tapped into the anger of those who are tired of lacking good paying jobs and those who lack health care. Ironically Bernie has admitted that the anger that Donald Trump has capitalized on is similar to the anger in his own supporters. People are tired of a government that cares so much more about wall street than the common American worker.
This leaves us with the usual we support the candidate we feel can confidently beat the next Republican Presidential Candidate? If the Democrats lose this election, they may lose everything-- All three legislative houses and the Whitehouse. That would leave a us with a very anti-worker, anti-poor environment to live in. So it is easy to just take the safe road and support Hillary Clinton.
I'm supporting Sanders. We on the left need to make a statement that business as usual is not what we want. We are sick of both Republicans and Democrats delivering such a message.
The reality is that Bernie may loose most of his support when he gets into the Mid-west. So for now, lets back Bernie Sanders. We all deserve something far better than what we now have.
And this is a great time for those of us who don't support capitalism to stand up for ourselves.  

From Time:
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is now beating Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in Iowa, according to a new poll, just over a week away from the Iowa caucuses.
The CNN/ORC poll shows the Vermont senator has 51% support, while Clinton has 43% support. The findings indicate a significant shift from a CNN/ORC December poll that found Clinton leading with 54% support and Sanders trailing with 36%.
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Democrats criticize Kansas Gov. following his address

By SJ Otto
By now it should be PAINFULLY obvious that everything that Governor Sam Brownback believes should be opposed. Here we provide a copy of the response of the Democrats in Kansas. It should be noted that this governors' speech was not worth really paying any attention to. He is a mean spirited calloused hater of poor people. He deserves to be dragged into the street and shot. All he can do is give lavish present to his corporate masters and heap death and destruction on those poor people who are sad enough to live under him.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Panel promotes the ACA (Obamacare) and expanding Medicaid

By SJ Otto
Defending the ACA (Affordable Care Act/ Obamacare) and promoting Medicaid expansion was the message made loud and clear at an ICT Health Panel discussion put on by KMUW at the Reverie Coffee Roasters. Engage ICT is a new initiative from KMUW Wichita Public Radio aimed at increasing awareness of issues and encouraging civic engagement. More than  people attended the event.
“The ACA is a stunning success,” said Sheldon Weisgrau, Director of Health Reform Resource Project. “That is not to say it doesn’t have problems. Despite all the rhetoric healthcare coverage is at an all-time high.”
Others on the panel included:

-Dr. Ed Flentje, Professor Emeritus, Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs
-David Gear, Executive Director of Guadalupe Clinic
-Teresa Lovelady, President and CEO of HealthCore Clinic

“We all benefit from Medicaid expansion,” Lovelady said.
She said there are about 150,000 Kansans in what the panelist called the “donut hole.” Those are the people who don’t make enough to benefit from the health care exchanges, but they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, or KanCare as the new privatized system is now called.
Weisgrau pointed out that a mom who works ½-time at minimum wage makes too much money for Medicaid. Single people without kids can't get Medicaid at all.
Some other points made during the discussion are that 4,000 new jobs would be created, if Medicaid is expanded.
Weisgrau said the Federal government matches what Kansas spends by 90 percent and that is money that is already collected. No money is being saved by sending it back.
“It is a small investment for a large amount of money” he said.
“Not sending the federal tax money back could have saved some rural hospitals- at least in the short run.”
He pointed out that dozens of rural hospitals are in trouble because they won't expand Medicaid. He added that it is ridiculous to worry about the future cost of expanding Medicaid.
Lovelady said about 16 to 18 babies won't make it to their first birthday, here in Kansas.
“We need premedical care for children,” She added.
Other observations made by the panel include the news that three people were removed from the health care committee, in the Kansas Legislature for wanting to expand Medicaid. Our Governor doesn’t want to bother with opposition to his policies.
There has recently been a ban for life for anyone on Medicaid who needs treatment for Hepatitis C, and is caught drinking alcohol.

All the panelists said it is important to vote in the next election. That is the one thing they all stressed and that is we need a regime change.