Wednesday, April 06, 2022

America’s Macro-Hypocrisy: Our colossal collective calamity


By John L Otto

We Americans are currently living through some Globally Historic Times in regards to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. All Americans both Rep and Dem, all the Politicians, the Corporations, News Media, Everyone around the World…Stands with Ukraine! Many declare that they unequivocally and in no uncertain terms do NOT condone the illegal invasion of a Sovereign Nation but we do condone it according to the actions of our own gov’t that we support. The US knowingly used WMD in deceit to justify an illegal war (unconstitutional) and convinced half the Globe (mostly Europe) to join them. The US Invaded Iraq, overthrew the military and gov’t, hanged their leader, bombed and drone striked civilians, decimated their infrastructure, homes and population, grabbed citizens off the street, threw them in prison indefinitely without trial, tortured them (extra-ordinary rendition).

AND the US is still occupying Iraq nearly two decades later. If that wasn’t bad enough the US did the same thing to Afghanistan. In fact the US has or had troops in several Middle Eastern and African countries while supporting other country’s illegal wars and humanitarian atrocities monetarily or through proxy including Yemen, Syria, Libya and many more. No one wants their refugees, no outcry for the mom and child that have to say goodbye to their father because he has to go fight the invaders and we have destroyed millions of lives and decimated every country we molested. Everything said and done in support of Ukraine and their people by every politician, news entertainment and internet outlet echoed all over the world and every criticism, boycott, condemnation, sentiment and action heaped upon Russia and its people including every accusation of inhumanity, war crimes, being dictatorial or tyrannical…

MUST be said about the U.S. and is in a shameful and revealingly stark contrast to any comparison between Ukraine and Iraq, Afghanistan or the other countries the US has decimated. Why do news outlets keep pushing for involvement even so far as to say: aren’t we bluffing, if this humanitarian crisis doesn’t justify the risk of nuclear war what does? We are witnessing a profoundly ugly hypocrisy so macro in size few realize it’s there or that they are guilty of participating in it. Look at the fear, criticisms and treatment of refugees from the Middle East, African, Asian or South American countries in contrast to the Ukrainians which are predominantly white people that look exactly like the civilized Euro-US society in civilized cars and cities with white picket fences and normal clothes. They are not dirty rag headed, robe wearing Muslim, brown, camel riding weirdoes…

Hiding their IEDs in the baby’s crib in a house, in a city that looks like it’s from ancient Bible times. Oh no I am not playing the race card, I’m playing every card in the hand Including how this so called Christian Nation treats people from Christ’s old stomping grounds compared to European souls…

Imagine Jesus returning and witnessing how horribly the US has treated the people of His home land. Strangely there is a bizarre twist and perhaps evidence that all peoples are cable of racism as many African Americans and other people of color are culpable in the enthusiastic participation of the racial hypocrisy. Now let the excuses and apologists begin…They’re all terrorists, their leader was a dictator, we did it to free the people of Iraq and protect the world from Saddam Hussein, we were invited and their people begged us to invade. Any argument in defense of US foreign atrocities will likely be laden with classic western propaganda points, emphatic denial and non sequitur stretches of the imagination.

The ridiculous ease with which the American Media orchestrated this conveniently profitable distraction from the economy problems, Biden’s failures and low ratings and the Media ratings slump that resulted when Trump lost the presidency and left the Sh*t Show spotlight. Both political parties and the media are handling this horribly. They are drumming for war and escalation also there is a bipartisan budget past with a 10 percent increase to the military budget ALL while Americans are struggling after a pandemic and an economic disaster with price gouging greed causing crippling inflation. No cries of “How Are We Going To Pay For It!!!” When it comes to feeding the insatiable apatite of our nation’s war profiteering industries. We are in serious danger of destroying any legitimacy to our claim of peace, justice or righteousness by our blatant disregard and indifference to our own cruelness. The United States of America is bereft of integrity and is in danger and deserving of the world’s retaliation. Our indifference and Empire of belligerence won’t be tolerated forever. Good luck and best wishes to all.

Ukraine War pix.

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