Monday, April 11, 2022

Elections in France today- boy do they suck!


By Steve Otto

In France today we see what we have seen every where in the western world. We have seen the equivalent of the US Republican Party. We have seen that in England, with the constant re-election of the Conservative Party, and all across Europe and in the US. We see the election of bourgeoisie conservative parties, such as what we see in France.

Also we see far-right parties such as the Party of Marine La Pen. We see parties that seem to resemble the Republicans under Donald Trump, even though La Pen is closer to pure Nazism than Trump was.

As with any trend we see a few positive signs, such as an anti-NATO response. According to CNN World:


"Her previous aversion to NATO -- Le Pen's 2017 campaign platform included pulling France from the alliance -- could also be a liability. Recent polling from IFOP shows that 67% of the French public do not believe France should leave NATO."


Just as with Trump's useless American first policy, we can assume that Le Pen's nationalist policies will only go so far and not far enough to defend US adversaries such as the socialist  government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. So there may be a few positive programs in the short run, but in the long run, none of that will help us. Just as with Trump, there will be few if any benefits.

So I see very few reasons to even vote for Frances' next government. There is nothing on the left, not even the middle left. If I lived in France  today, I would see no reason to vote at all,     NONE!!!!!

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