Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Another year—another Veteran’s Day!

 By Steve Otto

Tomorrow is veteran’s day. Every year I write an article about this holiday. And every year I hear all those same cliches, such as “Freedom isn’t free,” “They sacrifice all for Our Freedom.” Then there is; “They protect us while we sleep at night.”

That these vets are defending out freedom is one of the worst lies of the entire century. These troops are fighting to defend the moneyed interest of the corporations, $millionaires and $billionaires. These fights have little to do, if anything, with freedom. One big problem is that many soldiers, no doubt, really believe the lies. I hear many young people saying such things as “we want to kick the bad guy’s ass.” They seriously believe they are fighting for our freedom and our way of life. They are brave and dedicated. But their cause is still a lie. They are fighting for an empire pure and simple. While we see such claptrap grarbage as “30 Veterans Day Quotes to Show Our Appreciation This Year,”  Last year I posted:

Help Us Celebrate Armistice Day 2020!

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