Friday, April 27, 2018

Daily Kos defends Robert Mueller

From Daily Kos:

By Monique Teal
This is huge, HUGE news: Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 14-7 to approve legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller. FOUR Republicans on the committee joined Democrats to pass this legislation to shield Mueller from Trump.

This is the first time Congress has advanced legislation to formally protect Mueller from being fired by President Trump. This would not have happened without strong grassroots support.
But our work's not done yet. Now we need to increase the pressure on Mitch McConnell and the Republican leadership to make sure this bill gets a vote on the floor. Can you chip in $5 to support Daily Kos and our work to protect the special counsel investigation?
Our next step in this campaign is to get Mitch McConnell to bring the bill to the full Senate for a vote. We will need the Daily Kos community to continue to put pressure on McConnell and the rest of the Republicans to do the right thing and protect Robert Mueller and his investigation.

Help us protect special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation by giving $5 now.

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