Monday, April 30, 2018

Many came out for Take Back The Night March

By SJ Otto
Several hundred people attended the Take Back The Night March, last Friday Night. The marchers started at the parking lot in front of the Museum of World Treasures where several speakers addressed the event. The march was sponsored by the  Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center (WASAC).
" One in three women and one in six men will be sexually assaulted," said Jessica Stong, the main speaker.
There were four speakers, and all of the speakers were sexual assault victims. Two of the speakers were men.
“In England, in the 1970s, Women got tired of being afraid of walking home at night and that is where they got the phrase, “take back the night.”
“I was molested by a family member,” said Darrel, one of the survivors that spoke.
He added that he was molested by an uncle.
“My parents protected him, he said.”
Another survivor, Sarah, said she had been raped by a guy who was so rough, he dug his nails in her.
All the speakers said it was important to expose those who are rapist or sexual molesters. They said it is important to not be ashamed, as many felt they were.  
Jessica Stong was the main speaker at the rally before the march.

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