Saturday, November 19, 2016

Donald Trump's new cabinet—The Scum rises to the top—Despicable

By SJ Otto
For those who thought that maybe future Prez. Donald Trump isn't all that far to the right—Think again. Trump's appointments to cabinet positions amount to a 'who's who' of far-far-far to the right scum bags that are now crawling out from under their rocks to poison the political culture of America.
Most of the bad things people accused trump of being are being realized by the despicable people he has chosen.

Stephen Bannon, chief strategist and senior counsellor: OK we can all see that this guy is a Neo-Nazi style far right maybe he is just one bad there is more...
Jeff Sessions, attorney general: This man is a blatant racist—the type we thought we finally got rid of when southern politicians such as George Wallace, and others like him, finally died off. This guy is strait out of the 1950s complete with admiration for the Ku Klux Klan.
Gen. Mike Flynn, national security adviser: a blatant Islamaphobe.
Mike Pompeo, CIA director: Trump seems eager to collect Kansas' garbage politicians and put them on the national sceen. This man is the most pro-war, pro-military, pro-imperialist Republican to come from Kansas. If this country isn't at war soon after he takes control of the CIA, it won't be because he isn't trying. He has cheered when the NSA spied on millions of Americans. He saw no threat to our privacy. He said we need to trust the government.

These people are some of the worst scum that Republican politics can produce. If this is a look at the future Trump administration- Wow! Run for cover.

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