Monday, July 11, 2016

Yes...we are pandering to the Democratic Party

I don't always give in to fund raising pandering for the Democrats, but then again, it could be worse. For example it could be pandering for the Republicans. -SJ Otto

From Markos Moulitsas
Founder and Publisher, Daily Kos:

Yeah, we’re not going to pretend like we’re losing. We're going to own the truth.

Hillary is kicking Donald Trump's ass. We’re winning the race for the White House, and we’re winning big.

Republicans running for House and Senate this year can't run away from the Donald fast enough. The GOP could be in full retreat by fall, and Democrats need as few as four seats to flip the Senate and confirm a liberal Supreme Court majority, and we have nine solid pickup opportunities.

Can you chip in $1 to each of Daily Kos' endorsed candidates for Senate?

Chipping in to Democrats running for House and Senate now could be the difference between winning in November and winning big. That’s what’s at stake. That’s the difference between taking the election cycle for granted and working our asses off.

Let me explain: We have three possible outcomes:

1) President Clinton, Republican Congress

2) President Clinton, Democratic Senate, Republican House

3) Democratic trifecta

The third option is within the realm of possibility, but it’ll take A LOT of work. So stop being afraid of success, and start being confident and fighting like we own this cycle, because we do!

This year we’re not fighting for survival, we’re fighting to decimate the GOP.

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