Sunday, September 27, 2015

More publicity for Kansas' most racist politician- Kris Kobach

by Otto

Once again a non-deserving politician, Kris Kobach, got a lot of free publicity from The Wichita Eagle, "Kris Kobach, his views spark intense reactions – from supporters." However, they also printed an article about the difficulty of registering to vote and the thousands of people who's registration has been suspended, "Young voters, Wichitans top Kansas’ suspended voter list."
Not since the days of the civil rights movement has any politician tried so hard to keep people from voting, especially Hispanics. All the experts agree that the anti-voter/anti-fraud laws pushed by Kobach or designed to stop blacks and other minorities from voting. It also works against poor people.
The first article takes a look, mostly at his supporters of Kobach who are mostly white and older. There is little doubt this guy really depends on the angry white vote. His anti-immigrant credentials are well known across the nation. Almost any state that is trying to curb the rights of immigrants and restrict voting can be tied to Kobach's help. He barely has time to do his actual elected job as secretary of state.
That he has so much support in Kansas should surprise no one. Kansas use to be segregated and a major civil rights battle was actually fought in this state, right here in Wichita, the Dockum Drug Store sit-in. It's not surprising we still have racism here and it doesn't surprise me that racist can get a man elected, as they can with Kobach.
Now this man thinks he is governor material. If I have to chose between a very right-wing dumb ass and a very right-wing smart ass, Ill take the dumb one. Governor Sam Brownback is a dumb ass and most Kansans can tell. Still, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker followed almost the same economic strategies as Brownback, but he was able to win re-election with more than 50% of the vote. That he could seriously be considered for the president is disgusting. This is what happens with a smart ass.

The only place that Kobach belongs is in the dumpsters of history, along with racism and anti-immigration fear mongering. If he tries to run, we need a special effort to make sure he doesn't win.

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