Monday, October 24, 2016

Wichitans give support to the Muslim community

Printed in the letter section of The Wichita Eagle:

  Kansas is often used as a punchline, but the terrorist plot in western
Kansas is serious and frightening. But it is important to know that
Wichita is full of good people who support the Muslim community and
their Muslim friends when they are under attack. For example there was
support for a local mosque when local bullies threatened to show up with
guns during Friday services, egged on by the disgraceful politician Mike
Pompeo. Representative Pompeo didn't like that evening's speaker because
of his support of Palestinian rights. Last year a few ignorant
anti-Muslim locals tried to intimidate Wichita State University into
canceling planned modifications to the interfaith chapel. This was a
longstanding plan initiated by local Protestant clergy for a more modern
facility, and also designed to meet the needs of Muslim members of the
WSU community. Widespread support for the chapel from the students,
faculty, and community at large kept the bullies from succeeding in
this. We know Wichita will continue to stand up for community,
solidarity and civil rights.

Laura Tillem

Peace and Social Justice Center

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