Wednesday, October 26, 2016

94-year-old Ohio judge releases the most comprehensive and blistering attack on voter suppression

From Daily Kos:

Ohio has been involved in a decade-long voting dispute. Last month, two Republican-appointed white judges and Judge Damon Keith (appointed in 1977 and black) ruled on a Republican-led initiative to rid black voting rights with little to no justification. The two white judges ruled that Ohio was justified in its completely evidence-free approach to fighting “voter fraud” and other phantom voting maladies. 94-year-old Judge Damon Keith wrote an 11-page dissent, which included historic civil rights imagery. His basic legal argument is that the two justices applied incorrect legal tests to come to their conclusion, and were even contradictory in their applications of these “tests.” Judge Damon goes on to explain that these laws are clearly racist and an attack on voting rights.

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