Sunday, October 23, 2016

Damn those dress codes! Young feminists are taking a stand

Much of the focus here in the U.S. is on the upcoming election of our first female president and her opponent’s ugly behavior and language—and his shaming of women has struck a chord with young women and girls. Hillary Clinton’s campaign ad, titled “Mirrors,” speaks to it. Recently, I had a discussion about this with the young women (and one young man) in my introduction to women’s studies class. Most of them are first-year students, so their memories of high school and middle school are fresh.
All of these young women shared stories about being sent to detention, or shamed, or being sent home, or having parents called to school because they had a shirt on that showed their collarbones or shoulders, or because they wore leggings or yoga pants. They shared about themselves, their younger sisters, and friends, and how this made them feel.

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