Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jay Sidie to challange wing-nut Kevin Yoder, 3rd district

As we continue to follow political campaigns here in Kansas, we find that Jay Sidie, a Democrat, is running against the right-wing autotron Kevin Yoder. It is a good time to start chipping away at the right-wing not-heads who continue to assault our state and federal government services.
Here is a notice I received as an e-mail. I don't like to take part in panhandling for politicians, but it doesn't hurt to support those who are willing to take on all the right-wing Republicans;  
-SJ Otto

Kansas is headed in the wrong direction — and it’s thanks to policies that Kevin Yoder has supported since Day 1.
The current fiscal dire straits that our state finds itself in are the result of a series of funding cuts to our public education system that began in 2009 with then-State Rep. Kevin Yoder’s budget proposal that slashed school funding by hundreds of millions.
From the bad budget that failed Kansas to Yoder’s support for the disastrous government shutdown and his consistent anti-women votes in Congress, Kevin Yoder is the poster child for right-wing extremists.
Congressman Yoder has even voted to lessen the transparency of financial advisors when dealing with retirees’ savings accounts. That’s right — Yoder handed more power to the financial industry while risking seniors’ savings.
As Kansans we know that we can’t put our future in the hands of extreme politicians like Kevin Yoder who are only beholden to party orthodoxy and big donors.
Help us turn the tide and elect Jay Sidie this year. Contribute $5 or more now.
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