Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dr. Roger Michael's US Representative campaign a waist of time

By SJ Otto
This year we see that Republican Tim Huelskamp is being challenged in his first district US Representative seat, by Dr. Roger Michael, running as a Republican. How is he different from Huelskamp? He's not. He has come out with ads bragging about his conservative views, anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-Obama Care (ACA) and he declared his is ready to do battle with the Democrats in Congress.

As with a lot of Kansas Republicans he takes stands and issues that haven't changed in 30 years. He has no new ideas and there is no real reasons for him to be elected over Huelskamp other than the issue that the incumbent doesn't really live in Kansas.
Michael has shown his true colours  by running ads that blame Obama Care for problems created by Governor Sam Brownback. In a recent ad he claims that Obama Care is responsible for the closing of rural hospitals here in Kansas. The reality is that hospitals have closed in Kansas because Brownback has refused to expand Medicaid. He changed Medicaid to KanCare, which has been a dismal failure and most annalists are in agreement to that.
This makes a liar out of Dr. Michael. Michael also made a stink over keeping his "Dr." on the ballet in the upcoming primary. Apparently Michael is a pompous ass who demands that we know he considers himself to be above the rest of us.
Michael leaves us no real reason to vote for him over Huelskamp. Both hold the same conservative views. There is nothing new about Michael's positions on the issues and he has no knew ideas.  

There is NO reason to vote for Michael in the primary. He is just another idiot Teabagger.

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