Friday, June 24, 2016

England exits the European Union

By SJ Otto
It is not a huge development for England to leave the European Common Market. But now that it has a lot depends on if other nations follow its lead. Financial markets have fallen, which may not be really that bad...and they are bound to stabilize soon. Prime Minister David Cameron, a ass jerk conservative, has resigned. No problem there.
Some of the people who wanted this to happen are really very conservative. Still, England has retaken its sovereignty. And as a secondary benefit the US government and a lot of liberal bourgeois government leaders are unhappy.
In the long run this will mean little to Europe and the world. In the short run it shook things up and set a lot of people straight.

There are a lot of countries, as Greece, that now should leave the EU. That way they can start to run their own affairs and reject all that crippling austerity measures they have been forced to endure.

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