Monday, May 08, 2006

Tiahrt Travels around on our tax dollars

From Power Trips, by Steve Henn

TIAHRT, TODD W, Republican Party-Kansas
Total number of trips - 13Total
cost of trips - $72,011.41
Average cost per trip - $5,539.34
Total number of days spent traveling - 63 daysRank of representative - 70 (Out of 638).

Sponsor(s) - Heritage Foundation, total cost: Total Cost - $637.74- location -Cambridge, MD.
Sponsor(s) -American Association of Airport Executives, total cost $14,102.00- location -Kauai, HI - took family memembers. He made two more trips on behalf of the same company to Hawaii and took his family.
Sponsor(s)- W.O. Farber Center, total cost: $844.00 - location- Vermillion, SD - Wichita, KS.
Sponsor(s)-Center for First Principles, total cost: $17,819.44- location- Prague, Czech Republic - Vienna, Austria - Budapest, Hungary. He took his family.

Tiahrt gets around - On your tax dollars - suckers!!

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