Friday, April 28, 2006

Missing in action – the Democratic Party

Recently the local paper pointed out that Rep. Todd Tiahrt is one of the main financial supporters of Tom DeLay, who is now facing corruption charges. Tiahrt’s own history of corruption makes him an easy target for whoever runs against him in the next election. He has openly made a fortune off the office and has sold his votes on a number of issues to the highest bidder. Beating him should be easy. But don’t count on it.
The Democrats have been missing in action for sometime. They just don't get it. They jettisoned thepeople with social interests, Women's groups, unions, Afro American interests and many others. They (as a whole) have not come out strongly against the war, although most of their “would be supporters” want that.
This is a party that needs a backbone. Even die-hard democrats are starting to ask why this party can’t take a clear stand on any issue and stick to it?They have worked hard to win over some white red-necks who are already loyal tothe Republicans. This next election should be a cakewalk for them, yet I'd bet a large sum of money, theyactually loose seats and the presidency. They have to stand for something and give the people a vision before they can beat even the weakest of Republicans.


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