Monday, April 17, 2006

It’s Campaign time and cash in time for Tiahrt

According toThe Wichita Eagle, Apr. 15, 2006:

“WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt has nearly $1 million in the bank to take on his yet-to-be-determined Democratic opponent in his re-election bid this November.
The $978,149.60 on hand reported in Tiahrt's Federal Election Commission filing Friday is the most he has ever had at this point in any of his six re-election campaigns.”
Yes, Mr. Tiahrt knows how to raise money. He doesn’t know anything else, but he does know how to raise money. And there are many rich corporation that want puppet stooges to represent our districts. Koch Industries has rained the most campaign cash, almost $121,000, on Tiahrt. They get what they want. We get boneheads who don’t know anything about politics or what’s in the best interest of their own constituents.
Then there’s always that zombie religious community that Tiahrt has duped into believing he somehow represents “Christian values.” Those Christian values include mostly greed and selfishness.

Koch Industries is a huge oil conglomerate controlled by brothers Charles and David Koch, two of the country's richest men and among the biggest backers of conservative and libertarian causes. With estimated revenue of about $40 billion last year, Koch is bigger than Microsoft, Merrill Lynch and AT&T. Koch is headquartered In Wichita Kansas.
According to the Eagle:
“His biggest expenses this year have been a $50,000 contribution to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which funds U.S. House Republican campaigns; $25,000 to the Kansas Republican Party; $5,000 for the Kansans For Life Political Action Committee; and $6,000 for other Republican House campaigns, including $4,000 for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.”
In other words, Tiahrt is a major source of corruption for an extremely corrupted party. There have been only a few Democrats who’ve expressed interest in running against Tiahrt, but none have filed.

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