Saturday, August 04, 2018

Who should be our next governor?

By SJ Otto
In just a few days Kansas will determine who will run for governor. So who should we vote for, who should this blog endorse? For the Republicans the very worst is Kris Kobach. He is absolutely horrible. He will put us back where we were when Sam Brownback was governor. He will decimate education and he will keep Kansas in the dark over Obamacare, expanding Medicaid and all those issues related to providing the poor with access to health care. So our recommendation is to vote for anyone but Kobach or Jeff Colyer, who is almost as bad. Jim Barnett or Ken Selzer would be an improvement over these two ass holes. Also notice that after all those young people complained that the NRA is preventing any kind of common sense gun rules, Kobach and Colyer both brag of a perfect score in support from the NRA. Another way to look at that is they are telling our young people "to go to hell," if they want any kind of gun law changes.
On the Democrat side we are supporting Laura Kelly. The other two might also make good candidates but we chose Laura Kelly.

The Candidates:

Jim Barnett, former state senator.
Jeff Colyer. Present Governor and dismal failure.
Kris Kobach, Present Kansas Secretary of State and complete ass hole.
Ken Selzer, Insurance Commissioner.
Patrick Kucera, Pastor.
Tyler Ruzich, High School Student.
Joseph Tutera Jr., High School Student.

Carl Brewer, Wichita's first elected African-American mayor.
 Laura Kelly, state senator.
Josh Svaty, a secretary of agriculture and state representative.

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