Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Vote Lacey Cruse on Tuesday, for 4th district Sedgwick County

By SJ Otto

This coming Tuesday, August 7, The voters of Sedgwick County's 4th District will have an opportunity to get rid of the bigoted ass hole Richard Ranzau, the present county commissioner.

Let's remember that Ranzau snubbed a Latino reporter and he and others sent back a grant for WIC (a government program to help women in poverty to get milk and other necessities to their infants) money because they were afraid Latino children might get some of that free milk. He has a streak of petty meanness and he needs to go.
On the Republican side he is being challenged by Hugh Nicks who has been attacking him, with mail ads, for his voting against funding the Sedgwick County Zoo, opposing excepting grants for senior-citizen housing and his obstruction to expanding jobs in the county. While this site does not endorse Republicans, Nicks would be a welcome change from the ultra-conservative and bigoted Ranzau.
On the Democrat side we have Lacey Cruse, a young woman who admits she is new to politics but she is very open to expanding jobs in the country and would be a breath of fresh air from the stale Ranzau.

.Lacey Cruse.

We will have more upcoming election news for this area in the near future.

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