Monday, March 05, 2018

8 Ways America Was Better Off During the Cold War

I have found other writers besides me who also see the same government abuses run wild since the end of and because of the cold war. Jon Wiener and Tom Dispatch have written
8 Ways America Was Better Off During the Cold War. Instead of We won the Cold War” and “communism as an ideology is dead,” They write about the abuses US civilian and military leaders commit today that they would not commit today. They also write about US abuse of unions.
-SJ Otto

From Alternet:
At a book festival in Los Angeles recently, some writers (myself included) were making the usual arguments about the problems with American politics in the 1950s -- until one panelist shocked the audience by declaring, “God, I miss the Cold War.”  His grandmother, he said, had come to California from Oklahoma with a grade-school education, but found a job in an aerospace factory in L.A. during World War II, joined the union, got healthcare and retirement benefits, and prospered in the Cold War years.  She ended up owning a house in the suburbs and sending her kids to UCLA.
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