Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Finally—a true ass-hole Republican loses an election!

By SJ Otto
There were just enough women and African American voters to beat out the obnoxious ass-hole Republican Roy Moore. Doug Jones, a Democratic former prosecutor barely won against a known child molester Roy S. Moore. For a long time it looked like Moore was going to pull it off. Despite nine women claiming that he made unwanted sexual advances on them and two of the women claimed he made sexual assaults on them when he was in his 30s and they were 14-year-olds, Moore acted as if nothing wrong took place. He claimed they were all liars. And if there were doubts about the women, some malls banned him from coming to them because of his lurking around and attempting to pick up under aged girls. The man was a disgusting pervert.
But why would so many Alabamans want to elect this man anyway? Alabama is among many states that seem to vote mostly for Republicans. There are many who vote for men like this because they hate abortion, homosexuals, poor people and they love guns. Even when these hypocrites talk of precious human life, ALL they really mean is undeveloped fetuses. Many of these same voters don't care that so many poor people, grown men, women and children, can't afford health insurance and they die early because of that. They die unnecessarily because Republicans just don't consider the lives of poor people to have any value at all. Alabama is one of the many states that have resisted expanding Medicaid so the poorest of their citizens cannot get badly needed health care. Moore wanted to fight for Christian principals and he wanted to force those principals on all citizens. He leaned towards Christian fascism.
Jones is a fairly typical Democrat. Liberal Democrats are almost extinct with the exception of democratic socialists, such as Senator Bernie Sanders and there are very few of them in Congress today. Jones' campaign seemed low keyed and he could have made it more about Moore's sexual offenses. But his campaign paid off. He mostly stuck to the bread and butter issues of getting people jobs and he focused on health insurance.
Many see this as a slap in the face against President Donald Trump. Some see it as a major defeat for the Republican Party. The Republican Party, with its mean spirited attacks on poor people and the left in general, have been sliding this country rightward ever since the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. At the same time liberalism has slowly died out among government leaders. I personally know of many liberals. I often see their comments on Facebook. The country is full of them. But they rarely ever get a candidate who they can vote for who will seriously support them or their issues. Until just recently the Democratic party has also been sliding right-ward. Lyndon Baines Johnson was the last liberal president this country has had.
It would appear that women played a major role in this election. This year women have made a real impact on politics. We have lost some good politicians such as Al Franken. But seeing such vile criminals, such as Moore, lose elections and their jobs has made it all worth while.
Whether this will mean the slick, bag of dirty trick Republicans are finally on the decline or whether this is just a minor win, we may as well celebrate. At least one lousy ass-hole has gotten his just desert.    

Alice Cooper - Elected 

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