Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Browback backs US tax Plan despite Kansas' experience

Recently in the Wichita Eagle, they reprinted an article about our own Governor Sam Brownback that demonstrated just how physically removed from reality he really is. The article showed how happy Brownback is that President Donald Trump is imitating his tax policies which have brought nothing but disaster for Kansas. But Trump, like Brownback, is not going to pay any attention to reality and what really happens from such policies. Trump and Brownback are men of ideology and not reality. They live in a fantasy world all their own. -SJ Otto

By Hunter Woodall
At least for a moment, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback was delighted.....
....In recent weeks, the U.S. House and Senate have passed tax bills that would cut taxes on corporations and change the playing field for “pass-through” businesses like the ones that benefited from Brownback’s 2012 tax cuts.
“I’m delighted,” Brownback said. “I think they’re going to get a tax bill through. I think it’s going to be very stimulative to the economy.”
The federal tax debate has given Brownback a chance to re-litigate the key policy issue that has marked his time as governor.
Kansas cut taxes in what Brownback celebrated as a “real-live experiment.” It could have cemented the legacy of a man who once ran for president.
..... The Kansas cuts reduced income tax rates and created an income tax exemption for the owners of limited liability companies and other pass-through businesses.
What followed were revenue shortfalls and budget cuts. School funding became even more difficult. Brownback’s standing among Kansas Republicans deteriorated. Yet he continued to stand by the tax cuts. He bemoaned the policy’s death when the Republican-dominated Legislature rolled it back in June.
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