Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trump’s bigotry could shut down government

From Amnesty International:

Five days from now, the government could shut down – grinding vital services to a halt. Why? Because President Trump could keep his campaign promise to close the U.S. borders to many people – including those who are desperately seeking to escape violence and persecution.

Trump wants $3 million for his abusive enforcement policies, including more than $1 million to put more families in detention even though they are fleeing here to seek safety.

Tell Congress: Fight Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda.

Right now, President Trump wants Congress to fund his hateful agenda on immigrants—or else he could hold hostage the entire government budget, which expires Friday.

If Trump won’t back down, neither will we.

No Ban, No Wall: Take action.

President Trump’s policies of bigotry and xenophobia show the true cost of fear but together we can stop them. Trump’s budget proposal can’t move forward without the support of your members of Congress. Before this moves forward, make sure your members of Congress knows where you stand.

Tell Congress: reject President Trump’s abusive enforcement agenda.

Together we can stop Trump’s anti- immigrant agenda.

Margaret Huang
Executive Director, Amnesty International USA

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