Friday, March 24, 2017

A need to stop politicians from more chipping away at abortion rights

The Oklahoma House passed HB 1549, which would prohibit a physician from performing an abortion solely because of a fetal anomaly, this week. 
Like all of the patients at Trust Women South Wind Women's Center clinics, women and their families facing a fetal indication are simply trying to make the best decision they can. This is not an area the government should have a hand in. Such difficult decisions should be made by women and their families in consultation with their physicians. And physicians should not face revocation of their medical license for providing health care. I know you agree. 
Trust Women is working hard to try to keep this bill from becoming law. You can read the bill by clicking here.
You can help by making a contribution of $15 or $49. We have boots on the ground working at the capitol in Oklahoma City, and we are doing everything we can to protect women's rights and to oppose this unconstitutional bill. 
If you live in Oklahoma, you can help by calling your senator and asking them to vote in opposition to HB 1549. 
Your support, as always, makes our work possible, and I appreciate you so much. 
My best,
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Some deformities prevent any real chance at life at all. Pix from Genetic and Nongenetic Causes of Pregnancy Loss | GLO.

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