Saturday, October 15, 2016

Maize, KS Pride Parade- and don't forget the politics

By SJ Otto
This Saturday Morning I got up to see our Maize Pride Parade. It is nice that the City of Maize, where I presently reside, still puts on the parade. The people here need it. Just like it would be nice if they still put up Christmas decorations, but they don't. There were plenty of fun floats of local people and I got a lot of candy thrown at my drive-way. I love free candy.
Some of the highlights of the parade included the political floats, such as candidate for 4th congressional district for US Representative Daniel Giroux.
Giroux gets mixed results from this blog. He favors US intervention in Iraq and Syria but wants to try diplomacy and sanctions first. This is slightly better than Rep. Mike Pompeo, the Republican, who never met a war he didn't like.
Giroux supports Obama Care, although he says it needs to be fixed. And I think most of us would agree with that.
Giroux is prolife. That is why  Miranda Allen is running as an independent against him.

Giroux is better than Pompeo, but that is not saying much. Allen is probably a good candidate, but with two people running against such an incumbent as Pompeo, that spells disaster. Pompeo is almost assured of winning this election. And that is a serious problem as Giroux has put out a really good campaign and worked hard to unseat that treacherous traitor. But with two people winning that ass-hole will probably win anyway.

And here we see candidate Daniel Giroux.

And some friends of mine were working on his campaign.
And we see that the pro-war incumbent Pompeo's minions out to promote his re-election. 

There were a few other cool things about this parade, like this antique car.

And speaking of candy, check out this candy site for your upcoming Halloween.

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