Monday, October 17, 2016

Conservatives use the Carr brothers to try and oust judges

By SJ Otto
Tea Party Conservatives, loyal to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback are running a campaign to oust five Kansas Supreme Court justices in the upcoming November election. To do this they are using the relatives of the Carr brother’s atrocities to drum up outrage from the fact that the Kansas Supreme Court overturned a death penalty ruling. Rather than argue the validity of the actual justices and why these people want them removed, they are using that one case to try and claim the court is soft on criminals.
The case of Jonathan and Reginald Carr was quite brutal. The brothers went on a spree of robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders from December 7 to 14, 2000. In the end they killed five people and one of their victims lived to testify against them.

The brothers are in jail and will never be released. The real reason for the removal of these justices is so that they won’t interfere in Brownback’s destruction of the school system and other government functions. Some very good videos have been released from those who want to save the Justices. See them below:  

Former Kansas Governors: Vote Yes 5 Times
Kansas Supreme Court to be big ballot issue this 
Brownback: Power Grab

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