Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This time I actually watched the Democrat Party National Convention — and I liked it!

By SJ Otto
Its been a while since I actually watched a political convention of either party. But tonight's was actually very interesting. They had some music by Paul Simon. They had appearance by  Senator Al Franken; who cracked a few good jokes, First Lady  Michelle Obama, Sarah Silverman, another comedian who not only cracked a few jokes but called to the Bernie or Bust people    ‘'You’re Being Ridiculous'’

And last but not least; Bernie Sanders himself.

Bernie reminded people that his political revolution was not about one candidate or the others, it was about the issues and platform positions he had raised. After stating his own agenda he endorsed Hillary Clinton. Maybe at least some of the Bernie or Bust people will finally get on board and drop the ridiculous position that it really doesn't matter if  Donald Trump gets elected. Bernie said what I have been saying all along  Yes. It does matter who wins this election. Bernie laid it out in a passionate but factual argument   that we need to support Hillary over Trump.
That should put an end to the ridiculous booing, hissing and in general divisive and destructive ranting we can hear all night on the convention floor. If Hillary is a liar, it only proves she is a politician. Some of the younger crowd needs to wake up and realize the following:

·                     The two-party system sucks, but refusing to vote for Hillary is not going to change that.
·                     The Democratic Party is a bourgeois party and it has been for most of its history. Hillary did not make it into such a party overnight.
·                     Hillary was not responsible for the DNC fiasco.
·                     All politicians lie.

As I stated earlier, this time the speakers were good and I was very impressed, with Bernie, Michelle and Sarah. I'm glad I didn't miss it.

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