Monday, July 25, 2016

Millennials not happy with the two-party system

By SJ Otto
According to a new Poll that come out and was published in several AP publications, including The Big Story and The Wichita Eagle, young people realize the system is broke and needs fixing. I have voted since the fist Jimmy Carter election, in 1976. In the Carter- Ronald Reagan election, four years later, I voted for an independent non-two party candidate John B. Anderson.
I knew then how messed up the two-party system was and by now I know it can't simply be fixed simply by voting for someone outside the two-party system. The new Poll that just came out shows that many young people also dislike the two-party system.   
According to this article, "Poll: In tumultuous summer, young Americans in a dour mood,";

"A new poll of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 finds that an overwhelming 90 percent think the two-party political system has real — though fixable — problems or that it is "seriously broken." Three-quarters believe the U.S. is "falling behind" or "failing" as a nation."


"The generation that is the most educated, diverse and indebted in U.S. history is still pining for the candidate who only this week left the race: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
"Millennials, unfortunately, are subject to an economic and political future that is not of their own making," said Sarah Swanbeck, executive director of the Center on Governing & Investing in the Future at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. "It's no surprise then that young adults across the country have increasingly turned to 'political outsiders' promising to reform the system."

The article pointed out that many millenials notice the similarity of the two parties:

"The candidates we're left with are very similar," said Alejandro Ochoa, a 21-year-old from AdelantoCalifornia. "I say that they're similar mainly because they're both rich, and I get the sense that they're going to look out more for the 1 percent and not the rest of us."

So finally after all these years there is some serious opposition developing to the two-party system:

"Young adults are especially sour about the two-party political system. More than a third of respondents said the system is seriously broken, with just 9 percent saying it is working well. The majority, 54 percent, said the system has real problems but can be fixed."

One thing younger people need to understand is that the two-party system can't simply be voted out. The system needs serious change and voting for Bernie Sanders is not enough.

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