Friday, July 08, 2016

Sniper latest incident in our culture of death

It's funny how Hollywood makes heroes out of our service men who act as snipers. But we don't honor such people when they turn their craft on the rest of us. Actually the man who committed last night's sniper attack is a military vet,  is 25-year-old Micah Johnson. Maybe he will get a movie that makes him out a hero for his violent deeds, when all is over. That is the pattern on a nation that glamorizes violence.
It should not surprise us that the a sniper wanted to even out the score after all the black people being killed by police. They are some awful iffy cases. We have to wonder why nothing is ever done when a civilian is killed by police. Such is the case of Freddie Gray, who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury during a “rough ride” while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department on April 12, 2015. How does a man bound at the feet and hands, fall over and just happens to snap his spinal cord and die? We will never know. A judge let the officer go who was responsible for it.
It looks like no judge will get the chance to let off the five dead officers that have been killed by our heroic sniper. And to stop the sniper, they decided to stop talking to him and use the equivalent of a drone to BOMB him to death. Was that really necessary or did the cops just want revenge they felt was coming to them?
Either way, we live in a culture where guns and violence are worshiped like God himself. And we pay for that, with the violence that comes from such a society. This is just one more example.

Being a sniper is SOOOO sexy!!

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