Thursday, July 07, 2016

It's time to vote the bums out!!

By SJ Otto
It is that time again, or should I say the election season here in Kansas. We have a lot riding on this election season. it is too early to vote on our governor, but we CAN vote out all the crentinous minions of our governor, in the Kansas House and Senate. Our governor has destroyed our educational system, he has come up short for many of our services that the State of Kansas provides for. Programs for the poor have been slashed to the point of no return. And the governor and his minions have passed new laws to humiliate the poor as well as cutting back on their safety net.
His refusal to expand Medicaid has caused the closing of hospitals as well as costing poor people their lives. Many will die early in life due to a lack of health care.
All this was done to provide generous tax cuts to the State's wealthiest business people.
So it is really important to pay attention to those who are running, especially those running for re-election. One clue to all of this are the Letters to Editor of The Wichita  Eagle that people write in for their favorite candidate. Here is an example of a plea for the re-election of Ty Masterson, a Republican from Andover and presently in the Kansas Senate. Writing to The Wichita Eagle, Karen Carlin Dornbush, of Wichita writes:

"Unfortunately, the news cycle and social media echo chamber focus only on the negative headlines and controversy rather than on the many positive results that have been produced. He emphasized that the truth is out there, encouraged each of us to find it, and to find ways to share these facts with others. My research tells me that Masterson is the candidate who has and will continue to get the job done for all Kansans."
What Dornbush has not actually told us is WHAT if anything has this person done for the good of Kansas. It is apparent that Masterson is one of Brownback's minions, a rubber stamp, who has allowed our idiot governor to wreck our state. I can't imagine that this man has done anything that has made Kansas a better place to live. Let's not vote for this idiot. Send him packing---->

On the other hand William A. Bloomer, of Wichita has written in favor of David Dennis for the Sedgwick County Commission. While the writer brags that Dennis is a conservative Republican he also said:

"But in the past two years I have become very concerned about the direction the current majority of the Sedgwick County Commission is taking us. They make decisions that are pulling apart the fabric of our community, such as funding cuts and lack of support for nonprofits such as the Sedgwick County Zoo."
This indicates he is not in favor of the kind of "Brownback style destruction" that our country commissioners are carrying out. This candidate may show some promise if he is going to stop the destruction of our county infrastructure.
And Mike Hill, of Wichita, also wrote about Dennis:
" Dennis will bring a fresh perspective and new leadership to Sedgwick County. He will listen to and work for the citizens of District 3 and not engage in far-out political haranguing that has little to do with the issues confronting Sedgwick County."
Again we see reasons to support the Dennis campaign, even though he is conservative.
The commission vote will be on Aug. 2.
I hope to bring up more articles for voter consideration. This is an important election. We need all the votes we can get whether they are moderate Republicans or Democrats. We need to pull the rug out from under our destructive governor Brownback.

Any candidate who wants to get some publicity for themselves can contact me here at this blog, on my e-mail, I am eager to help any candidate who wants to work towards defanging our idiot governor. 

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