Friday, May 20, 2016

Time to fight back against repressive abortion laws from Oklahoma’s political yahoos

From Julie A. Burkhart, Founder and CEO of Trust Women Foundation:

Today (May 19) the Oklahoma Senate passed SB 1552, which, if signed into law, would make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion in our neighboring state. As you know, we are putting the finishing touches on a new clinic in Oklahoma City to give women access to their reproductive rights. Oklahoma City is the largest metropolitan area in the country without an abortion provider, 
Please reach out to Gov. Mary Fallin to ask her to veto this blatantly unconstitutional bill. Your voice is crucial. She has five days to sign or veto the bill. Please help us make sure she chooses the latter. You may call her office at (405) 521-2342.
While we've been busy prepping for our new clinic, we've also been meeting with a lot of journalists and writing opinion pieces. 
I wanted to share some recent news coverage in case you hadn't seen it. 
Marie Claire takes an in-depth look into what it takes to provide abortion services in the Midwest in its June issue. It would be great if you would buy a copy to show support for the magazine tackling difficult issues. 

The Wichita Eagle published an opinion piece about the state of women in Kansas. Spoiler alert: Women don't fare well in the Sunshine State.
How can you help us get out the word that women deserve access to and control over their reproductive rights? Write letters to the editor. Write your legislators. Be sure to like Trust Women and Trust Women South Wind Women's Center on Facebook. Follow @trustwomen on Twitter and connect with South Wind on LinkedIn.

The more people we can reach, the more women we can help. It's that simple. 

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