Monday, May 23, 2016

Do we REALLY want Trump to win?

By SJ Otto
New polls are showing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a dead heat for the upcoming presidential elections. These new poll numbers are being posted by several news organizations including the Inquisitr article below. Nearly all the pundits are pointing to the fact that Bernie Sanders is still in the race. While Sanders is not likely to win the Democratic nomination, he can stay in the race until he no longer has a chance to win enough delegates. In the mean time Trump has not had the usual bad publicity that eats away at his credibility and Hillary has had an image problem for a long time.
There are also the "Bernie or bust" Crowd of mostly young people who refuse to support or even agree to vote for Hillary. Bernie seems to be running on issues and seems to want to push for changes at the upcoming Democratic Convention this summer.
Trying to push for badly needed change is a great idea. But there is the possibility at this point that our next president may be Donald Trump. Can we really let this happen? Do we take our chances as to what this man will do to our country? A lot of people have a lot to lose. Many immigrants worry, with legitimate cause that they may be deported. I will soon need insurance. What will I do if he actually gets rid of Obama care. I seriously can't believe he will come up with a better program. And I have health problems. I'm old and my wife wants to retire. This could lead to serious problems for us. I really don't want trump to win.
So people in this country need to seriously consider what will happen if Trump wins.

From the Inquisitr:
A new pair of presidential polls pitting Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Hillary Clinton appear to show that the continued presence of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary has damaged Clinton. At the same time, Trump has benefited from a “bump” in the polls since he became the presumptive Republican nominee early in May....

.....The Sanders campaign and the “Trump Bump” have combined, along with other factors, to close the gap between the two candidates, with one new poll released Sunday showing Trump with a lead of two percentage points over Clinton.
For the first time, the polling average compiled by the site Real Clear Politics shows Clinton and Trump in a virtual tie, with Trump averaging 43.4 percent support across all polls and Clinton at 43.2.

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President Trump? Really?

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