Monday, April 04, 2016

Trump supporters really muck it up at rallies

We continue to hear a lot of reports that Donald Trump’s supporters get into fights with protesters. None of that sounds good for Trump. Some news pundits are already trying to sound the death knells for Trump. He is probably the candidate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to run against. But it is too late to know if this will really hurt him or not. -SJ Otto

From Daily Kos:

It is another day. With it comes another entry in the category "ugly things that the horrible people at Donald Trump rallies do to people who dare to dissent against the American Il Duce.”
At a rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, earlier this week, two of Donald Trump's minions attacked a 15-year-old white girl named Alex Drake. One of the Trumpeteers allegedly sexually assaulted her. When she fought back, the second Trump enforcer then pepper sprayed the teenager.
Drake's offense was a protest sign that said “Damn, Donald, back at it again with the white supremacy." One of her compatriots also had a "Black Lives Matter" sign.
Donald Trump's racist goon squad then, as if on cue, shouted the de facto white supremacist slogan "All Lives Matter," three words that are the new "White Power!" and "Sieg Heil" in America’s Age of Obama. Other Trumpeteers then called the teenager a "nigger lover," a "bitch," and a "commie."

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