Saturday, April 02, 2016

April First Trump endorsement— is the joke on us?

By SJ Otto
For those who want to see the actual article hyperlink for the article below, click on The Daily Beast. That article reported on an endorsement from the National Enquirer, and it endorsed Donald Trumpfor real. But after posting that I had to wonder: "how serious do we take such endorsements."
All night long I wondered how seriously we are to take the Trump campaign? It almost doesn't seem real. There were comments about Marco Rubio's "small hands." (Or maybe he really means penis.) Then there are the arguments over who has a better looking wife. Who really cares? And do we really expect a presidential candidate to argue about such non-sense.
And then there is Cruz. He's just as bad as Trump, but he presents himself in a slick manner. No one suspects he is a racist, but what if he really is?
When I post articles designed to be a joke, it helps when the reality around them is not already a joke.

In many ways the joke has been on us.

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