Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sander’s revolution needs to drop the use of assassin drones

By SJ Otto

While Bernie Sanders is starting to realize he won’t be nominated for the Democratic candidate, it is time to seriously look at his “revolution” in American that he is pushing for. Continuing to push for change is a good thing. But his foreign policy is not so good. He has supported the “kill list,” a list of terrorism suspects that this country plans to assassinate using drones. There is not due process and no trial. If a person’s name is on the list they can be killed along with their family members.

This is a barbaric practice that no civilized country should undertake. It is ridiculous to accuse others of terrorism and then taking up a practice that actually is terrorism. This is one of the worst foreign policy ideas this country ever came up with. It is a disgrace to hear Sanders speaking in support of this, but that is exactly what happened the other day:

"Look. Terrorism is a very serious issue," Sanders told MSNBC's Chris Hayes. "There are people out there who want to kill Americans, who want to attack this country, and I think we have a lot of right to defend ourselves." However, the senator added, "it has to be done in a constitutional, legal way."

The New York Times revealed in 2012 that President Obama hosts a meeting every Tuesday at the White House where he decides which suspected terrorists will be added to a so-called "kill list." Those on the list can then be targeted for killing, typically with an unmanned drone.

"Do you think what's being done now is constitutional and legal?" Hayes asked Sanders, noting the existence of "a list of people that the U.S. government wants to kill."

"In general I do, yes," Sanders replied.

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