Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Recall Ranzau committee is expanding their agenda

Recall Ranzau committee is expanding their agenda

From the RecallRanzau:

Thank you for your continued support – there was overwhelming approval to expand our platform beyond the Recall effort to a sustained, organized effort to make fundamental changes in local and state government. We will therefore continue to speak critically, and organize on a broad range of issues facing Sedgwick County citizens. We invite you to join us.   

As of this writing, there is no update yet on the legal proceedings to challenge District Attorney Marc Bennett’s questionable decision to block RecallRanzau in Sedgwick County District Court. But here is what everyone can do now, and even during any future court proceedings:
1.      Support the re-election of County Commissioner Tim Norton, and help defeat the re-election of Karl PeterJohn – this will dismantle the Ranzau-Peterjohn-Howell majority decisions that gave rise to our recall effort. With 100+ RecallRanzau volunteers, we can bring some people power to these campaigns.
2.      Participate in the growing grassroots response and movement to replace Republican lawmakers who too often have supported Governor Brownback’s policies to recklessly cut taxes, starve public education of funds, punish the poor, decline Medicaid expansion, threaten the independence of our judiciary, suppress our votes, and deny equal rights and protections for all – Please attend the rallies, the meetings, the events; donate time and/or money; like and share posts and announcements on Facebook, twitter and other social media to assist with publicity.
3.      We need responsible and common sense candidates so please consider running for office; talk someone else into running for office; and support the candidates who have decided to run.
In the words of former Governor Carlin, “With the entire legislature up for election—and the voting records clearly identifying those who backed the administration’s plans openly available—there is no excuse for the 70% plus of Kansans who are upset with the Governor not to throw out his partners in crime. Consistent with our founding and the power of We the People, it will take the support of citizens who are working hard to educate their neighbors and get them out to vote for quality candidates committed to leading us out of the wilderness…”

Again, please join us. And if you haven’t yet liked, shared or posted a comment on our Facebook page, please do so using the link below. 


Committee To Recall Richard Ranzau, Inc.

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