Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders smashes the Israel status quo

It has been a long time since anyone disturbed the pro-Israel status quo as to the rights of the Palestinians. In the last 15 years, Israel has lunged towards the right and stayed there. Their present government has no intention of trying to make peace with the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Finally we have a presidential candidate who has the guts to stand up to the Israeli lobbyists. -SJ Otto
From CNN:
Bernie Sanders is taking a sledgehammer to the political status quo on Israel.
Sanders refused to back down Thursday night from his claim that Israel in 2014 used “disproportionate” force to respond to Hamas rocket fire from Gaza while calling for the United States to stop being “one-sided” in the conflict there. In doing so, he upended a long-standing tenet of American politics: that unflinching support for Israel is non-negotiable.
Sanders’ unorthodox remarks at CNN’s Democratic debate came just days before voters head to the polls in New York, where Sanders is fighting to narrow the significant, but not insurmountable, deficit he faces against former New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.
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