Monday, February 08, 2016

Abortion rights under attack once again

From Julie A. Burkhart; 

This week, Kansas State Senator Greg Smith has drafted a proposed constitutional amendment that would overturn the district court's ruling in the lawsuit against thePhysician Intimidation and Criminalization Act that the Kansas Constitution protects the right to abortion.  The Kansas Court of Appeals upheld the lower court's ruling in this case last month.  Smith is expected to introduce his amendment later this week. It must pass both the House and the Senate with a two-thirds majority to be placed on the November general election ballot.  

This amendment is an direct attempt to undo the district court's and appeals court's rulings that the Kansas Constitution protects the right to abortion.  Legal recognition of the right to abortion in the state constitution adds another layer of protection for abortion access against unconstitutional restrictions.  It gives us more legal support to challenge laws in state courts.  The courts were well within their rights to decide how to interpret the Kansas Constitution.  Because anti-choice extremists don't want the constitution to protect abortion access, they've decided that they must amendment it.  As with their proposed amendment to change the way judges are appointed in Kansas, anti-choice extremists are working to change our laws and who interprets them to get the rulings they want.  

We're looking for people to write letters to the editor of their local paper in opposition to amendments like this one and in support of our pro-active reproductive health bills.  If you are interested inhelping us, please click here.  We can provide all the support you need to make your voice heard!

Julie A. Burkhart 
Founder and CEO

Trust Women

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