Sunday, January 24, 2016

FEEL THE BERN! Chili/Soup Night was a success for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Wichita

By SJ Otto
Bernie Sanders supporters met, yesterday in Wichita, for the FEEL THE BERN! Chili/Soup Night fundraiser. Brooklynne Mosley is the local Bernie Sanders coordinator and she was on hand to talk at the event.
People are getting yard signs, buttons and bumper stickers to spread the word.
Some people are planning to go to Iowa and other states were caucuses are being held.
There was discussion of future meetings, such as Feb. 20, Bernie Sanders rally at Abode!
Now is a good time to volunteer for phone banking. They will be calling Bernie supporters just to remind them to caucus.
There were members from the Kansas Democratic Party and as well as members of Sedgwick County For Bernie Sanders. Support for this campaign is growing and doing well. There were about 100 people at the event. Some people have complained that Bernie should not have run as a Democrat. I think it was a smart move on his part. He has automatically jumped into the middle of the mainstream to get his message out. Bernie has jumped a head of Hillary Clinton in some states. Even if he does not win this will be a symbolic victory over all the ass-hole Republicans who want us all to believe that "no one in America will ever vote for a socialist." Guess again. We are winning. This is the first time in years a socialist has run for president and taken seriously.
Maybe this will mark the end of America's love affair with stupid right-wing ass-holes who have devoted their careers to kissing the asses of corporate America, destroying what is left of a decent work environment and a ceaseless attack on poor people and their vary lives.

If you want to help in the Bernie campaign, call Sara Volkman; 316-253-0198. 

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