Friday, January 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls

By SJ Otto
So far the rise in support for Bernie Sanders has caught a lot of people by surprise. For me the biggest surprise of all is that a politicians can rise in the polls who claims to be a socialist and has openly said he is not a capitalist. Whether or not enough of the American people can overlook that is hard to tell. It may show that the US free market system has way more critics than the talking heads of America have been willing to admit.
Of course Bernie will need to build up beyond being a socialist. He needs the support of women's groups and black people's groups. But he has tapped into the anger of those who are tired of lacking good paying jobs and those who lack health care. Ironically Bernie has admitted that the anger that Donald Trump has capitalized on is similar to the anger in his own supporters. People are tired of a government that cares so much more about wall street than the common American worker.
This leaves us with the usual we support the candidate we feel can confidently beat the next Republican Presidential Candidate? If the Democrats lose this election, they may lose everything-- All three legislative houses and the Whitehouse. That would leave a us with a very anti-worker, anti-poor environment to live in. So it is easy to just take the safe road and support Hillary Clinton.
I'm supporting Sanders. We on the left need to make a statement that business as usual is not what we want. We are sick of both Republicans and Democrats delivering such a message.
The reality is that Bernie may loose most of his support when he gets into the Mid-west. So for now, lets back Bernie Sanders. We all deserve something far better than what we now have.
And this is a great time for those of us who don't support capitalism to stand up for ourselves.  

From Time:
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is now beating Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in Iowa, according to a new poll, just over a week away from the Iowa caucuses.
The CNN/ORC poll shows the Vermont senator has 51% support, while Clinton has 43% support. The findings indicate a significant shift from a CNN/ORC December poll that found Clinton leading with 54% support and Sanders trailing with 36%.
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