Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reaction to Paris attacks—and probable over-reaction

This is the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11. No doubt that this attack will inspire the same things to happen in France that had happened in The US after 9/11.
1. This is a very difficult time to be a Muslim of any kind. Muslims were hunted down and attacked heavily after 9/11. Individuals wearing Muslim garb were sometimes hit by cars, by irate drivers or attacked on streets. There were even some non-Muslims attacked for clothes that resembled Muslim garb. Some people get mad and don't the time to realize that this is the work of just ONE faction of Muslims and a political faction as well. Some people are just hot heads and react without thinking.
2. Expect a huge increase in jingoism, ultra-patriotism and all out support for reckless imperialist action. In other words "for god sakes, do something- anything." The French Government is sure to take some kind of revenge action and it is safe to bet it will be reckless action.
3. There will be an increase of intolerance of all kinds. Pundits in the US said, after 9/11, "There is no need to understand our enemies. The US is right, western values need defending and that is the end of it." Anyone one dares to speak badly of the French Government, or that society, is sure to find themselves in some kind of hot water.  

For example: Discourse on No Discourse 9/11:

"Western Intellectuals and Muslim Intellectuals The event1 of 9/11 was, no doubt, shocking, utterly unexpected and thought provoking. It not only aroused emotional reaction, but also intellectual response, both among Western intellectuals and Muslim intellectuals. But since the terrorist activity on the Twin Towers was launched by alQaeda which is associated with Islam and the Muslim world, the intellectual discourse has become centralized in the context of the West versus Islam as displayed by 9/11 and how both should prevent such terror to humans and humanity from happening again in the future. There is much written in newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, and relayed on radio and television, but most of it is simply news items, information as to its happening and its aftermath. On the other hand, some serious intellectuals in the West as well as in the Muslim world have expressed their thoughts on the subject deeply but unfortunately, their discourse instead of dealing with its cause and why it occurred, is confined to dealing with the issue from within their own perspectives and cultural framework without addressing the concerns of the other. As a result, their discourse leads nowhere and with no results whatsoever. It is really no discourse and, hence, the title of this article ―A Discourse on No Discourse 9/11."

For the full article click here.

If there will be any good to come from this it is hard to see what it will be. Right-wing scum of every type will crawl out from under their rocks and try to carve themselves a piece of political spoils.  We saw that on 9/11.

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