Monday, November 09, 2015

Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live?!

By SJ Otto
Donald Trump has a lot of faults, but he may be the best thing the Republicans can muster for a presidential candidate. After all, Trump himself said that Ben Carson 'can't really get rid of Medicare.' Trump says what he thinks and doesn't sugar coat things. Good president?? Maybe not. But the other diabolical sleaze bags may be worse.
Here he is on Saturday Night Live:

Now for a New York Times review:

Donald Trump’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend was memorable for a few things, none having much to do with his comedic skills.
In fact, as reviewers parsed over his appearance, it was strange to note how a man who has been the source of so much comedy this political season only seems to make people laugh when he’s at his most serious.
Joe Berkowitz wrote on Vulture: “After watching this epic miscalculation, though, it’s clear that nobody wins; not Trump, not the show, and certainly not us.”

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